Will Tea Party play “Perpetual Victims of Tyranny” again?

Since a member of the House of Representatives made a very simple and direct chart outlining the Republican “plan” (charitably so-called, because they don’t have one) which is: Don’t get sick, or if you do get get sick, Die Quickly.

Our very own Beloved Representative (but only representing Corporate Interests) Congressman Lap-Doug Lamebutt is one of those demanding DEMANDING an apology. This is the same Reich Wing Freakazoid who rigged a Town Hall “Open” discussion last month, at a country club on the far edge of town.

The “Offending” congressman has stated that the only people who are owed an apology are those of us without medical care or, apparently, any hope of getting any.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party “patriots” have gained the dubious honor of being the single most efficient and prodigious Anti-American Terrorist Group. The murderous Mob, through their denial of Health Care to 20% of adult Americans, kill more Americans every week than al Qa’eda has in the past 20 years.

Including Bill Sparkman, Eagle Scout, Teacher, everything the Reich Wing says is a “real” American… but when they finally get around to admitting their guilt in his MURDER they’re going to label him a Tory, and not a “real” American.

Likewise those of us doomed to die of neglect are not “real” Americans in the eyes of the Klan-Tea Party Koalition.

The bastards thought they were being funny, too ha ha ha ha… they used his ID card to tag him like a deer.

Get it? Those “Liberal Hunting License” Tee-Shirts… where they “humorously” made “jokes” about killing Americans who don’t share their Narrow Minded Political Bigotry. Ha ha ha ha real God Damned Funny.

This isn’t the first time they crossed the line over to the Darkside.

The Church Shooter, the Museum Shooter, the gynecologist-at-Church Shooter…

When they hanged Bill Sparkman they literally hanged his name around his neck.

I say it’s high time, and beyond time, that his name gets hanged around THEIR literally God-Damned necks.

The “conservative” blogs are trying to push it off on marijuana growers or speed cooks.

These are the same ones who last week were saying it “might be a Suicide”.

Dag nabbed fancy show-off suicides, they do that on purpose just to make the Detectives look silly.
You know, like stabbing themselves in the heart fifteen times or tying their own hands behind their backs before hanging themselves.

For the Retardicans who are playing “Gotcha!” no, Bill Sparkman didn’t stab himself or get stabbed through the heart.
That was a “Rhetorical Construct” kind of like your projection of Insurance Corporate Death Panels into an imaginary paragraph of the Health Reform Act.

Only a lot more factual.

Fact is, the Reich Wing LIED about the very possibility of Suicide, they’re LYING about the mysterious, un-named pot growers and they LIE when they deny that their Propaganda Ministry, aka Fox and Clear Channel, actually wired up the Lynch Mob Cowards to do their work for them.

Them Republicans sho’ does love them some LYIN’, don’t they?

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Brother Jonah

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