WTF? OMG! Is it Real? Could it be?


Due to pollution from Mountaintop Removal, usually from Coal. But there’s also the Mountaintop Removal approved as a dying act of revenge by the Bush EPA up at Victor/Cripple Creek.
Not only dumping such lovely “nutrients” as mercury, sodium cyanide and white arsenic into the water but chemicals that are increasing estrogen and progesterone levels in fish. And, apparently, every other animal.

Just when we’re getting used to phthalates (say that three times while drunk, or one time sober, I dare ya!) and bisphenol in certain plastics doing it to the Masculinity Level…

So what would cause concern to the Coal and Oil and Other Minerals Extraction Pirate/Thief/Murderer/Land-Raping business executives?

Only one thing, that their boys are turning into girls.

It’s happening in the Missouri-Mississippi riparian system. Downstream from Coal mines mostly. Also the Tennessee Valley. Same culprit. Large mouth AND the “regular mouth” Bass males are displaying the physical attributes of Female Bass. How would I know? Just by trusting ichthyologists, people who are actually paid to study Fish and such things as the difference between Male and Female fish.

The sorry rat-bastards who run the Energy and Minerals Extraction industries typically don’t profess a belief in Evolution, even though they certainly make money from the by-products thereof. Like Coal and Oil and other neat-o stuff that takes millions of years to mature.

So they’ll have a hard time convincing people that the mutations aren’t something different. Who knows, right? Maybe “survival of the fittest” where Male bass are hunted and Females are by law thrown back. A crossdressing Bass male would have a better chance of breeding.

That wouldn’t, however, explain the lower ratio of testerone in the male fish in question. See, those Bad Ol’ Wicked Tyrannous Liberal Socialist Regulatory Programs like actually checking the Environment to see if the Good and Righteous and Noble Corporate Saints are actually regulating themselves like one Political Party especially likes to claim they do… they seem to have a Really Valid Purpose.

Another Reason the Very Rich would be concerned is that lowered Testosterone means Lower Aggression. They know this because they advocate Macho Get-Tough-On-Crime measures like Chemical Castration using the drug Depo-Provera.

That and the Very Slim Minority of Americans who own the Very Fat Majority of shares in the Petroleum and Coal industries also own similar levels of the Pharmaceuticals Industry, gives them a unique perspective. They get to force “Agressive” persons to be passive and, well, Ladylike. I guess it turns them on or something, just not in a Gay sort of way.

So there’s a couple of problems for them there, one is that the lawsuits filed by the Depo-Provera involuntary human Lab Rats will get a huge boost.

There’s a host of medical problems that can be caused with it.

The other is that if the poor slobs downstream from them won’t be nearly as inclined to go off and fight wars of aggression for the Coal and Oil industries, thus they won’t be able to force the peasants in the foreign lands to turn over the titles to the land bearing the “Product”.

That, and they really are scared shitless that their sons will turn into daughters.

And they sho’ loves them some Bass Fishing.

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