Yes, Virginia, there WAS a Santa Claus.

But he attempted to break the Elves Union by offshoring their jobs to Leprechauns. Then attempted to screw the Leprechauns as well. On a visit to a Belfast sweatshop he was swarmed. Reportedly his final words were “Always after me lucky charms.”

See, I was stewing on that for an hour or so. I came back from the Recycling yard with three whole Yankee dollars, and an ingrained Bad Attitude due to seeing John McCain on TV exulting over the chance to kill More Babies, this time American rather than his usual VietNamese targets. Rejoicing, he was, over Americans who will DIE without Health Care. He doesn’t care, his “Rogue”ish running mate already decided we’re not Americans anyway.

They also don’t care about the huge Surge in evictions. The one I passed today, wasn’t one “in progress”, it was the families stuff out by a dumpster. The furniture, the contents of their meager pantry and fridge… the kids’ toys…

Yep, I wonder if the Sheriff Deputies who served the notice on them dressed up in Santa suits when they did the dirty. “Ho-Ho-Ho, get Out Out Out!!”

Merry Christmas, kids. Wherever you are.

Oh Gawd…

News 5, owned by the same corporate umbrella that owns the Gag-Zette, is about to do a special segment on Santa Claus and the high-tech doo-dads he’s going to use to find his way whatever happens. A 3 minute commercial, free of charge, for some of the Richest Corporate Whoremasters in America.

Capitalism at its very finest. Gotta Love It…

Not really. You could choose to think clearly and rationally. But the more people thinking clearly and rationally, the fewer will be left to buy their mostly worthless Crap for a special holiday price that’s roughly twice the price it will be on Dec 26th.

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