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For those whose browsers do not support Hebrew Text.

For those whose browsers do not support Hebrew Text.

“You don’t Own Israel” in Hebrew…So, I was looking for a way to say it in Hebrew without being disrespectful to the Jewish people, especially as those in Israel and in the U.S. who oppose the War, wars plural… are accused by Likud as being anti-Semitic, Bibi Netanyahu even goes so far as spinning it like an old-fashioned turn-of-the-century “Zionist Plot” or “Papish Plot” or “Red Scare” or “insert religious, Ethnic or Political minority here Plot” and, Anti-Semitic. A quick rehash of MY take on that, we were called Anti-American for any opposition to any government official or policy in all our history. Oppose McCarthy? “Anti-Americans!” Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, blah blah blah…Criticize John Wayne or whatever other Faux Hero du jour, or any of the Wars they demanded we support and you guessed it we were the A.A. slur, personified.

So I sought out how to say, “Netanyahu, you do NOT own Israel”. Israel, actually, means more than just the Jewish state of Israel, according to the most violent books of prophecy and history in the Bible, Israel would include the Palestinians.

After the death of Solomon Israel and Judah were two separate kingdoms which routinely went to war against each other.
The Old Testament is described by some as a continual Hebrew-on-Hebrew crime spree. Twice in the book of Judges there are
descriptions of tribes of Israel being almost wiped out by… tribes of Israel. Ephraim (say “shibboleth”) and Benjamin.

Ezra and Nehemiah, two of the most hateful religious leaders, past or present, who haunted the land of Israel described more
Hebrew-on-Hebrew violence than fighting the neighboring nations.

So I looked, and got the translation above. That simply says “You don’t own Israel” without Bibi’s Hebrew Name.
The translation site I used to score it only does one language to another, when I tried to get the translation of Netanyahu from English to Hebrew, it simply put Netanyahu, exactly like written here, in English characters. Hebrew to Hebrew in English phonetic spelling.

So I said to myself, (as I often do) “Self, why not just look up the Hebrew spelling of it…”

That’s when I saw something that I missed all these years. “Netanyahu” is a Royal as in Messianic title. It’s more than
Bibi and Likud appointing him Judge over Israel. Without, of course, the consent of 70% of the Jewish Population of Israel, as determined in the last election, but certainly without any request for consent from the Other Israelites.

Which poses a problem for me as a Christian, on one level, and would be a problem for those Israeli Citizens who oppose the
occupation and oppression of the Palestinian Israelites. If I mistranslate that, and say it just exactly wrong, “Netanyahu
you don’t own Israel” could come out as “God doesn’t own Israel.” I would prefer it to be “The State of Israel neither owns Israel the Race, Israel the NAME nor do they own God”. Maybe a person who actually speaks Hebrew would be able to translate that concept in a more acceptable form. For now, we just have this shortened version of that message.

And Israelites who oppress their Fellow Israelites, as Likud and Bibi do, my contention is that they’re more Anti-Semitic than even Hitler or Mussolini. Herr SchicklGrüber and his pal il Duce at least weren’t killing their closest relatives on the face of the Earth. That would be also the MOST you could say for them.

For students of the Bible, Hebrew or Christian, I’ll point out AGAIN that the actions of the Judges and Kings weren’t written as a glorification of their deeds… they were written as a Bad Example, a stern warning that “Hey,kids, Don’t Do These Things!”

To our fellow peace workers and or anarchist friends in Israel, I send my Christian prayers and my sincerest human hopes, your government basically declares you to be non-existent non-Jewish non-Israel. That’s historically been a very dangerous step

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