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Americans fail survival: Par ce-que cest vous etes beaucoup Putains.

My original title was going te be Survival Show teaches non-survival, weve been watching Discovery Channel nature shows, today there was a show about swarms of various animals. One of the segments showed these flies that every 28.3 days (lunar cycle) float up from Lake Victoria in Africa. Showed among other things the villagers round about eating the flies, cooked of course, free protein is a luxury ticket item in most of the world. Miss Johnnie is kind of squeamish about things like that, but… the real story was this commercial for another show, Dual Survival which aired three times during the swarm show. Showing a team-survival situation with two men with vastly different styles of survival One of them was this Swede with Viking braids hanging down to his belly. And the other, an American.

The American was doing plenty of whining, bitching and sniveling about eating grubs and slugs and bugs. Reason I know hes American, just from the two short commercials featuring him, he says No, Im only going to eat Red Meat from four-legged mammals, because Im an AMERICAN!

Uhh… yeah. So are grizzly bears and THEY eat a lot of bugs, slugs and grubs. Protein doesnt come cheap. Or easy. The only reason America happens to have a lot of Red Meat right now is all the wars of conquest from the past two and a half centuries. Its cost us our ecology twice and our economy several times. Now its giving us health problems the rest of the world could only envy, an Overdose of Protein, Sugar and Fats. Its called diabetes which is not one strictly defined disease. Its a chemical imbalance that affects the endocrine system. Thats the system of organs and glands which regulate the chemical balance of the entire rest of the body.

The organelles were most used to seeing as the root of the problem are in the pancreas and are called the Islets of Langherhans, I probably misspelled that last word.

They regulate the production of Insulins and Ketones. The insulins are necessary to digest or at least dispose of sugars from the body. Too much insulin, or too little, either way its toxic. The Ketones, proteins and fats.. and insulin.

So with a high-fat, high sugar, high protein diet that our bodies were never meant to survive upon, SURPRISE…

Its a triple whammy. The ketones also adversely affect the kidneys, and the liver. And the heart.

Starting the chain reaction (more like a spiral of chains) with a simple overdose of what would otherwise be necessary parts of our diet… just, you know, in Smaller Amounts… If youd care to visualize it , think of all your vital organs declaring war on each other.

Then theres the OTHER side… what is the (smaller portions of) Proteins, Sugars and Fats supposed to fuel? An exercise regimen that used to be imposed simply by the act of securing those (smaller amounts of) Proteins, Sugars and Fats. Mostly it involved a lot of walking. Running too, some of the proteins and fats dont exactly like being eaten and take measures to avoid it.

So this guy whos supposed to be a survival expert is teaching the very opposite lesson to all that. He wants Red Meat from four-legged Mammals. And making Americans look like a bunch of titty-baby spoiled rich kids. Of course hes not alone nor is it anything new.

My dad was in North Africa during the overthrow of French rule in Algeria, in 1957- 1958. Got to talk to Foreign Legionnaires, or as he put it Had to associate with them. He mentioned that they were kind of really hard core. Most of them werent French and the only way a French person would go into the Foreign Legion is if he absolutely had to.

One thing Dad mentioned, the conversation had turned to why there werent any Americans in the Foreign Legion. Guy told him in French then in English that Parce que cest vous etes beaucoup Putains. Which wasnt exactly the accurate truth, part of the reason is that Americans are constitutionally forbidden from serving foreign princes but what the Legionnaire was saying, translated into English, you guys are a bunch of pussies. And that the Legion didnt actively recruit Americans.

But, you see, the foreigners dont have to call us that, we have so many of Our Own Toughies who trumpet it to the world.

Survivalist training school for the Green Berets and similar outfits, incidentally, teach them to mostly go for vegetable matter and for the proteins that are easiest to obtain. Bugs, Slugs and Grubs. The saying is Gourmets … dont survive, they starve. You have to eat vegetable matter even if you dont get calories from it, because you DO always get essential minerals. Potassium for instance, if you dont get enough potassium (or any, as the case may be) you can become mentally impaired within a matter of days. Poor judgment, loss of depth perception, seeing things that aint…

That sort of thing. But the guy is insisting on a McCultural McDiet out on the mountains.

Rather petulantly.

On a TV show that allegedly teaches something about Survival.

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