29 dead, Tea-Potty Mine Owner trying to spin away the fact that he doesn’t give a Damn.

What more needs to be said? Maybe another picture of a
Fat Porky killer-by-neglect ought to suffice.

This porky, pasty son-of-a-pig for instance.

And, yes, he DOES fund the “independent” Tea Parties, along with other “grass roots” Billionaires like Rupert Murdoch, Rush Dumbo and Bill O,Really?…. Beck is only at about 800 million dollars so far, so not yet a Billionare, All of their money gained by being effective liars for the Regime of Capitalist Thieves like the one in the picture.

He’s paying news editors to publish excerpts from interviews with miners and their families to the heavily redacted effect that “Sure, mining is risky business and anybody who fights to lessen the risk is a wimp. REAL men enjoy being worked to death like well trained donkeys for the profit of some Fat Bastards in Philadelphia Boardrooms, Black Lung is Macho, not having enough money to partake of the ‘Free’ Market because one is such a Wage Slave Dog who accepts whatever crumbs his masters throw to him under the table, and not being able to provide any opportunity for his kids because the Masters don’t feel his kids deserve such an opportunity, that’s Manly Behavior”

according to the Coal Mine Owner Propaganda Team.

You know where the term “hush puppy” originated? It’s to quiet the dogs when they’re begging under the table, you toss them this deep fried corn biscuit and say “Hush, puppy!”
When the Miners families get their pitifully small settlements from their Owner and Master, the fat pig in the picture, he’ll have a longer winded version of saying “Hush, puppies!”

But that’s what he’ll be saying. It’s the way “his” Employees Bondservants are treated every time. The Rich-man appointed Courts make sure of it with a doctrine that a Poor persons life isn’t worth as much as a Rich Persons life. Workers, Meet your New American Aristocracy!
Because, you know, God Himself appointed them to be The Masters, if He had wanted it different He wouldn’t have made them Born Rich and wouldn’t have made Us Born Poor.
But remember, we’re “Free” because of that… Free to grovel to the Masters for every hush puppy they throw to us.

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