33 Billion more asked for the war…

uhhhh… What, is President Obama doing the Presidential version of a filibuster, tossing in all kinds of extras to the budget just to keep the opposition scrambling? I wonder how quick John McCain and Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, Alaska) are going to challenge this Pork Subsidy to their Oil Company comrades? The Big Oil lobby who wrote in their Project for a New American Century that the Afghan and Iraqi permanent occupations would be necessary in order to have U.S. Air Bases in striking distance of every major oilfield in South Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, East Africa and China.
In 1992. So the Largest and Richest corporations in America get another gift of Blood and Money and the chance to intimidate (TERRORIZE) the OPEC nations into giving them the Product for whatever price they demand. Exclusive “rights” in perpetuity to that “product”.

NO spending for Health Care or Alternative Energy gets past these two Defenders of Big Oil.

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