A campground near downtown.

It used to be a Motor Home Campground, the prior owners “done Arr you en en oh eff tee” as Pete’s cousin put it in O, Brother, where art thou? I knew that part because there was a news story about hundreds of feral cats infesting the abandoned trailers that were still there, in late ’04. The trailers have all been taken away as scrap metal now. The place DOES have water hook-ups. Sewer hook ups, and a well on the property. Considering where it’s at, behind HoJo’s across from Dorcester Park, and surrounded by salvage yards, highways etc. I don’t think the well water would be a good idea.

One other thing I noticed, in order to offer a home for rent or an apartment or motel room, Colorado Springs has an ordinance that you get valid state-issued ID cards from the tenants.
Sort of a Take everybody hostage mentality.

There’s also the issue that the previous owners absconded. That means the land is owned by The City, or maybe the county, unless some real estate outfit has scaffed it up as an investment. In which case their money is long gone, and they’re stuck holding a worthless deed and a tax bill with a 2007 land valuation on it.

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