“A quarter billion for Public Ignorance, not a penny for Schools”

The new rallying cry of the Far Right Lunatic Fringe reflecting the famous “not a penny in Tribute” lie that was advanced in preparation for sending the fledgling Marine Corps to “the shores of Tripoli” where they were handed their first foreign military spanking.
$260,000,000 to widen a road, 24W, between two bus stops. An equal amount slashed from Public Education statewide.

It’s the only way they could logically extend Republican hegemony in Colorado for the foreseeable future. Keep the Public Ignorant. It works well for the Tea Party.

Like Glenn Beck says:

Well, Hell, y’all if’n we’uns gonna raise our children to be Mindless Tea Party Republicans, slaves and cannon fodder for the Empire, they don’t need no fancy schoolin’ nohows

Yes, educational excellence should be reserved for the Master Race Ruling Class, not for the commoners.

That’s how they’ll be able to convince their kids that it’s LIBERALS who are “elitists”.

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