A statement to our Beloved City Council and Mayor

From Ed Billings.

Prior to the drastic cuts in our Transit System as of January 1, 2010 I was told “Don’t Protest, Talk to the City Council instead”, I have done that time and time again.

There have been numerous obstacles to keeping local bus services as it was. First there was Mayor Lionel Rivera who really doesn’t care about the transit system at all. Then there is Doug Bruce who keeps hollaring that taxes must be eliminated.

The last City Council Meeting I had attended on November 24, 2009 was amusing when I watched Doug Bruce and Mayor Lionel Rivera arguing with each other. Watching two rightwingers at each other’s throats is always a sight to see.

What wasn’t amusing was when the majority had voted to eliminate evening and weekend public transportation. Other Passengers have told me that City Council of Colorado Springs will make their decisions regardless of what people like us say.

Doug Bruce and Mayor Rivera should have bought each other a beer to celebrate having gotten what they wanted, Doug Bruce Should have been happy that 2c had failed which gave Mayor Rivera all the ammo he needed to eliminate Evening and Weekend public transportation, Turn off alot of street lights which has increased the crime rate and his ever famous stunt of removing trash cans from city parks.

Doug Bruce should also be happy because now Colorado Springs will begin to be as slummy as the properties he owns.

To which I have to add, the Shitty Hall folks just don’t even make good professional grade thieves.

Not taking a cue from Dallas and Fort Worth about attracting and keeping Large Scale Bribe Resources to Colorado in general or Springs in particular, they neglect a sure fire dealmaker or Deal Killer. And they do it by trying to bribe the bribe-sources, using public money. Taxpayers get to subsidize Corporate Freeloaders who aren’t essentially Taxpayers. WalMart, for instance, is a net loss to our town. We pay more for the stormwater rushing off their massive roofs and parking lots in such quantities it broke our already broken water purification system. You know, the one that was put in 50 and 60 years ago when the population was 75% less. So now the poisons from Wally World and other Toxic Waste sites are running down to our fellow countrymen who live downhill thus downstream from us. Everybody West of the Mississippi for instance. One of them, our nearest neighbor, Pueblo, is suing the City for more money than would cost to reinstate bus service at a much higher level AND fix the problem in the first place.

That’s something they’d probably not want done, actually, a Pyrrhic Victory in the form of Colorado Springs owing more money than we can repay.

I imagine the Rich Bastards who caused and continued the problem will simply take their secured bank accounts elsewhere. No longer be part of Colorado Springs and thus, not liable for any of the damage their policies caused.

But Colorado Springs needs give no concessions to the Fortune 500. We don’t need to “hide the homeless” so the Magical Personages of the Fabulously Rich don’t have to see poverty. Homeless PEOPLE exist in every community in America. A problem being worsened by the Fabulously Rich.

One such Corporation, Hewlett Packard, packed up their belongings and hauled their ass out to greener pastures. A city without the hassle of No Bus Service and Neglect for Infrastructure plus they won’t owe any part of whatever settlement comes out of the Water Suit.

Meanwhile, in Dallas and now, Ft Worth, public transport is expanding. In the past decade, a light rail service was added to Ft Worth at four locations, the Amtrak/City Bus Lines/Greyhound cooperatively owned and maintained terminals, at Northeast Mall in Richland Hills, although Richland Hills, like Mayor Rivera, doesn’t want Bus Service, more on that later.

At the Bell Textron Helicopter plant in Ft Worth right on the line with Hurst. Military Industrial Complex leader who wish to have it where their employees can have a reliable way of getting to and from the plant. A hub in between Arlington and Euless that serves the Dallas County municipalities of Grand Prairie and Irving. And the Tarrant Co. Municipality of DFW International Airport.

And from the Ft Worth terminal, the bus service goes to two other Municipalities, Lake Worth which has a shuttle bus running to some heavy duty Military Industrial Complex plants.. and the former Carswell AFB now Joint Reserve Base.

Why doesn’t Colorado Springs Airport, the local Military Bases, the local malls, the local Military Industrial Complex and other businesses have NO Bus Service, nor the non-existent Amtrak terminal?

Because our “Real Estate Professionals” who own Shitty Hall and all the denizens thereof, are stupid.

They don’t play hardball.

Rather than give people tax breaks to move to the Springs, why wouldn’t they point out the Choice Business Environment that’s provided by our East/West and North/South transportation hubs?

The Union Pacific/Southern Pacific Tracks run right by where an Amtrak station would be, if the right wing freaks like Doug Bruce weren’t so rabidly opposed to Amtrak because it’s “Socialism!!”


It’s a completely moronic attitude, and it does have its mirror in Ft Worth, the Mid Cities and even Dallas.

There are only 4 municipal entities in Tarrant County, out of 42, which are served by Public Transportation. George Bush and his comrades, who are against any public transportation, education, whatever other Socialist stuff that they can label as such… pay private transportation to their War Industries and to the partially Bush Owned Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. You can catch a shuttle bus to watch the Rangers lose in a home game. Arlington, Euless, Bedford, Grapevine, Hurst, Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, Haltom City, all the way to Ft Worth, don’t have any public transportation.

The unofficial reason, spread by Whispering Campaign everytime the issue comes up, is that it would draw “niggers” to their towns. I wonder how much of that blatant bigotry is in place here in the Springs?

Mayor Lyin’ Hell Rivera and his buddies like Bruce and Paige and the other thieves, how about it?

Mayor Rivera was caught on a cellphone video saying that only bums and winos ride the bus.

Apparently, that Elitist Claptrap prevails at Shitty Hall. As Ed noted, petitioning the City to do anything about it only gets you mocked by the Elitist Stuck-up Snobbish SnotMuffins on the Council.

“Guards! Guards! These PEASANTS are interrupting our pleasures! Away with them!”

Meanwhile, the same geographic immovable features that make this a prime Military transportation hub, (there’s very few places that go through the mountains, those big things you see if you look to the sunset, East-west. The Ute Pass is one of them… and west of here, the next big North-South trunk line is in California.) would make the Springs an excellent transport hub for Civilian enterprises, not just the War Industries hovering around the not-going-anywhere Military Bases.

So what do Mayor Lyin’ Hell and the other numb-nuts at Shitty Hall do? First they cut bus service to the Military Bases. What the hell, dudes, I thought you stupid ChickenHawk pricks actually loved the Military. Just, as far as I can see, perhaps I’m wrong, none of you loved it enough to join.

Perhaps the ONE institution in town not chock full of people wanting to lynch the Mayor. And his accomplices. Mall Wart, if you wander in to their store, you see like 14 sales clerks out of 50 cash registers, counting the ones at the instore deli and sporting goods and electronics. Some Major Job Creation going on there. Hewlett Packard already left. Why?

Because the Shitty Hall people, supposedly Real Estate Professionals, don’t have the skills or the courage to sell the REAL benefits of Colorado Springs.

The Fortune 500 scouts, they know how to play Shitty Hall like a finely tuned fiddle. They According to City Hall heavies and Real Estate Propagandist J. Heuberger come to town, sniff disapprovingly and make ridiculous demands such as getting rid of all the Visible Poverty before graciously moving their Corporate operations into what’s essentially a field of Cash growing on bushes to their perspective.

Rivera, Paige, Bruce! WAKE THE HELL UP, STUPID!

The more you grovel to them the more they’ll take from the City. I realize you have most of your collective wealth stashed outside the boundaries of Colorado Springs… but they’re playing YOU for prize-winning Chumps at OUR expense.

It’s called Bargaining. You retards wouldn’t last a red hot 15 minutes at a flea market. You could be selling brand new Big Screen 3DHD Televisions, still in the box, somebody who knows how to bargain, and your weaknesses, say the boxes are scuffed at the edges and offer graciously to haul them away for a small fee of a hundred dollars each and you’d give them the damn TeeVees, the money, and pack them on the dude’s truck for him and spot him an extra 50 for “wasting his time.”

Meanwhile you’re downgrading the city step by slow screaming-pain step.

I agree with Ed, it WILL make the whole city as slummy as Doug Bruces properties.

You won’t be getting the quality bribe money your “betters” get in Dallas and even Ft Worth.

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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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12 Responses to A statement to our Beloved City Council and Mayor

  1. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Actually Jonah, Mayor Lionel Rivera(A.K.A. Mayor Lyin’ Hell) has served as an Officer in the Army, which makes it even more Ironic as to why Mayor Lyin Hell has cut service to the military installations.

    Of Course they didn’t cut taxpayer contributions to the Olympic Training Center. City Councilman Bernie Harpin maintains that O.T.C. is a part of creating Jobs, what he doesn’t tell you is that the jobs he is refering to are minimum wage jobs that don’t pay the rent.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    See, that’s another one that should have sold itself. We have the high altitude which is the reason they wanted to be here in the first place. Plus we HAD bus service 7 days a week.

    The O.T.C. should be grateful to get a good lease deal or property ownership deal. Something THEY pay for. They wanted the training center here for the same reason the Army wanted to put the Mountain Training Center here. There’s other mountains in the United States. But this is the closest we’ll come to Alpine conditions in America. Send them to Alaska, and you get a transportation nightmare, not only sending people back and forth but the supplies. Here we have the Ute Pass heading west, 24 heading East all the way to the coast and hitting the major trade centers along the way. 25 heading north south and the Railroads. Same reasons Palmer set up shop here, he had a good deal on a Railroad and the accompanying Corporate Welfare land grants that go along with it. Same reason Zeb Pike came here. It’s not an out-of-the-way spot back in the hills so far you have to pump in sunlight, middle of nowhere…. it’s exactly the middle of EVERYWHERE.

    Ideally, we COULD pick and choose which businesses we would ALLOW to settle here. The location is exactly that prime.

    When Ms Heuberger and her boyfriend Patch said that about the “homeless Problem” PEOPLE being poor in public view, I was ready to jump through the monitor and strangle the both of them for being DUMB.

    I think the corporations are well aware that there’s poverty everywhere in America.

    So if they have to locate a major shipping hub here, which would be about right, they wouldn’t dare move the manufacturing sector back to America while they have an entire Rest of the World to exploit for cheap labor, until the people there get a snootful of being exploited. So it would have to be a shipping hub.

    Same reason the Yankee Government has its Mini Washington right down the road in Pueblo.

    The Rivera-Bruce faction here should wake up and smell the Elitism, the people they’re trying so hard to impress with their minuscule Business Muscle look at “our” representatives with the same level of contempt “our” city hall bestows on Homeless People.

    Great fleas have little fleas,
    upon their backs to bite ’em,
    and little fleas have lesser fleas
    and so, ad infinitum.

    It seems they’re so hung up on daydreaming about being in the Big League Thief level of play they’re going to make our lives as unbearable as possible trying to appease them. It’s like a street corner crack dealer trying to impress Don Vito Corleone. Just ain’t happening.

    Meanwhile, the people who actually make their money for them, the WORKERS, are left with on one hand a demand that we be able to get to the Workplace in a timely manner, and on the other, cuts in how we can actually accomplish that task, and both mutually exclusive concepts provided by the SAME small herd of swine.

    There’s a parable in the Exodus about a similar setup the Egyptians had, they punished the Hebrews for wanting to have the one day off per week, by forcing them to not only make the bricks, then cut off their supply of the materials for making them. It didn’t work out very well for them either, I mean, I personally know people who can carry on intelligible conversations in Hebrew, but how many people speak Egyptian? huh? huh? huh?…

    You would think that all the times this kind of crap has been pulled throughout history (I was about to say “recorded” history but that would be somewhat redundant) SOMEBODY would have figured out that it’s not a good business model.

    The closest other parallel I can think of is “A dope-fiend move”. Like getting a wild hair and deciding to borrow money, buy a larger quantity of dope than usual, selling half of it at a profit and smoking up the rest. Doesn’t work. A week later, maybe sooner, dude is out of dope, can’t get any more, has no money and some big ugly fellows looking for him to collect the money they loaned him.

    In fact, other than not knowing for certain if it does or what kind of dope actually gets passed around at City Hall… that’s a really close analogy.

    I feel absolutely no guilt about ragging on these dudes. And dudettes. They have it coming, they KNOW damned well they do, they also KNOW how to straighten up their act so it’s no longer necessary to rag on them… and they refuse to do it.

    Meanwhile, a blind schoolteacher, an older lady with health problems and an ex-construction worker with an education and badly healed fractures get on the bus together, the Teacher going to work, the other lady going home from the Senior Center and the disabled ex-worker heading to the doctors office (again) got to discuss how the Mayor was about to cut out huge chunks of the bus service.

    Teacher worried about getting to her job.

    Other lady, no way she’s going to be walking 5 miles each way to go to church.

    Ex-worker, well, you know how I feel about it.

    And the mayor had been caught with a cellphone video saying we were winos and bums, those of us who depend on bus service, and not worthy of his Royal Attention.

    To be honest, I had already developed, with the help of the City Council people involved, a really non-supportive attitude about their schemes, scams and general daily working business model for not only the city but any other chunks of the national economy they could exploit. Just seeing one or more of them walking around alive makes me curl up my lip and my fists.

    Like I said, they know they’ve got it coming.

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    We will show who the real bums are when we protest on the grounds of City hall on August 20, 2010 at 12 noon because of this

  4. Avatar Emailed by Bernie Herpin says:

    Emailed by Bernie Herpin

    Mr. Nemeth,
    Thank you for your suggestion of asking the “rich” to give up some more of their money to support transit and other city programs. I could never support that idea. I don’t believe in the “redistribution of wealth” concept or as [Karl] Marx put it in his Communist Manifesto, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.

    Our regressive federal income tax system already takes a higher percentage from the rich. It is the rich who own and/or run the businesses that provide jobs. It is the rich who take risks to invest in our economy. It is the rich who give more to charity.

    I work a full-time job in addition to serving on city council. My wife also works full-time in Denver (we are both in our 60s). We do this to provide for our needs and to have the ability to visit our grandkids and to enjoy life. No one paid our way. We have worked hard all our lives and we live a comfortable life in a modest home. We give to our church and charities, and pay our taxes.

    Once you get out into the “real world” and start earning a salary and have a family to support, you will soon appreciate the low level of taxes we pay in Colorado Springs. If you want to voluntarily contribute to whatever cause you please in, that will be your person choice and not the choice of some elected official.

    Good luck in your studies. Perhaps someday you will be whatever you consider “rich” and you will have the ability to give as you choose.

    Bernie Herpin
    Council Member District 4
    City of Colorado Springs
    (719) 385-5492 (Council Office)
    (719) 596-3921 (Home)

  5. Avatar Brian Nemeth says:

    Suck My Balls, you inconsiderate cocksucker!

  6. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Brian, you are a trip!

  7. Avatar pcm says:

    Mr. Herpin, all we are asking is a chance for the students and people trying to better themselves have a chance to get to their locations by a decent city transit system. I voted to give more money to the transit system. Where did it go? As for the local businesses providing jobs, they are minimum wage jobs. Try to live off that Mr. Herpin.

    As to your statement “It is the rich who give more to charity.” That is a lie.



    Are you a practicing Christian, Mr, Herpin? Do you remember the story of the Widow’s Mite? You are a piece of work.

  8. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Bernie Herpin can be contacted via Email at

  9. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, they “give more to charity” and we know this how? Because they then charge the money “THEY” gave, to the rest of us as a Tax Break. Otherwise they wouldn’t have any record to cite of how much “they” give.

    Much like Glenn Beck with his “gift” to the families of servicemen, impoverished by the war which HE makes mucho dinero supporting and propagandizing, through a “charitable” donation of a piece of crap painting that he had his pet monkey do. When I looked in on this “charitable” auction the painting was at 2700 dollars. That means, if the painting sold for 2700, Mr Beck would get a 2700 dollar break on taxes from his “hard work” of selling Human Souls to the Militarist Regime. And his fellow Corporate Suck, who knows, maybe Mr Herpin, would get a similar cut. The ones who make the money from the war get the rest of us to pay for it, and make themselves look like Saints for doing it.

    Widows Mite doesn’t describe the concept. It’s something Jesus said that was paraphrased from Isaiah, about Rich Hypocrites, “Give Place! For I am Holier Than Thou!” “they love greetings in the marketplace, and to make broad the philactery, for a show making Long Prayers

    and devour the houses of Widows and Orphans “, and “they hire one to go before them when they do their alms, blowing a trumpet, be ye not like them. When thou doest thine alms let not thy left hand know what thy right hand is doing”.

    But here’s what else Mr Herpin is saying wrong. That he made his money himself without the support of the working people who, well, do the Actual Work.

    The richest don’t do a God-Damned thing to get their money. IT’S THE WORKERS, STUPID!!

    They demand that WE do the work to make THEIR money, at minimum wage, not enough to live on, we go deeper into debt and get a kick in the ribs from Contented and Conceited Rich Elitist Bitches like Herpin. WE have to work for THEM and not even get enough wages or benefits, like Public Transportation, necessary for us to Produce That Labor.

    That paying the Workers a fair wage is somehow robbing them with Marxism.

    What a lying conceited bunch of pricks.

  10. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    I don’t know, is Mr Herpin Jewish? Wouldn’t make much difference, the Old Testament is quite clear on the issue of PAYING YOUR DAMN BILLS equally as much as the New.

    Paying us less for our labor than it costs us to produce it is purely and simply Robbery. The Rich are getting a free ride on OUR backs and then Mr Herpin has the hubris to say that it’s the other way round? They don’t mind redistribution of Wealth on an Upward slope.

    Reverse Robin Hood, taking from the poor to give to his Fat Porky Lazy Ass.

    Maybe they feel that because we have less to begin with, it’s OK to take away even that from us.

    And make a sermon about how they earned the Windfall Apples and the milk, and the opportunity to sleep in the farmhouse, on the beds. Just like Squealer’s Speech.

  11. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It also shows their really crappy business practices. It’s trying to build an airplane from scrap paper. They don’t want to invest in the Infrastructure, the workers, cut corners everywhere and then wonder why their plan for Economic Domination went straight down the shitter.

    Herpin, the reason you’re losing everything is because you SUCK at business. The “invisible hand” could only possibly work if all the partners were actually HONEST.

    You’re showing a microcosm, here in the Springs, of just how far an economy based on Fraud can sink.

    I know from experience, both with Halliburton’s Brown and Root division and a similar company called Fox and Jacobs, of what happens when the Builders of ANYTHING try to go cheap on the materials and labor, then try to pass it off as quality work.

    There are only a limited supply of Fools With Lots Of Money and a giant Kick Me-I’m Stupid lighted sign hanging on their collective back. If you’re ever dumb enough to buy a Fox and Jacobs or a Halliburton built home, you won’t even get what you pay for. In case you’re wondering why your shoddy workmanship at building an Economy in the Springs has failed so miserably.

    But go ahead, go cheap. Don’t pay the workers what they’re worth (exactly ALL of “your” stolen money) and you’ll be cutting every other corner as well. That’s what the song “Look for the Union Label has to say. Non-union built cars? You want to actually TRUST your family to something like that? But you’ll foist it off onto MY family with a quickness.

    Buy a Fox and Jacobs house where the foundation is laid partly over a buried asphalt road surface, because they figured it would be cheaper to hide it than fix it. Make it one of the Luxury models with a majestic Vaulted Ceiling and the roof “v” is hanging on a beam that bisects the house, and is held in place by two nails, one at either end.

  12. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh and where they paid the workers with those bouncy bouncy checks. You cheat your workers you’re most likely going to cheat your buyers and stockholders as well.

    But thank you for playing.

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