Ah, the Suprem(eCourt)acy of Corporate Thieves!

So far one has come forward and said that the Corporate Thieves are so much better than the rest of us that they Deserve to rule over us. From a town named after a Confederate officer who owned slaves and used the same Sophistries to justify owning Human Beings that the Corporate Apologist uses to defend the Superiority of Corporate Rule.
Of course, the Corporate Plantation owners, like the “Superior” Rich Bitch Corporate Leaders of today, had their money made for them on the backs of Real WORKERS. And when it came to a time when they could no longer hold the WORKERS down by themselves, the Corporate Plantation owners convinced a bunch of Really Ignorant People that the Really Ignorant People would suffer Tyranny if the WORKERS were set free.
Just like the Klan and their latest reincarnation The Tea Party do today.

Maybe the Confederate Sympathizer would care to leave his well protected enclave of fellow Corporate Servants and travel a bit… say, to Bhopal, India. Bhopal where the Benevolent Corporate Masters Murdered Human Beings. Babies, old folks, children, men, women, didn’t matter, to Union Carbide Corporation and their “Smart” Corporate Lawyers, they were just “niggers” and “wogs”.

Of course a poor man’s life isn’t worth as much as that of a Very Smart and Powerful Rich Overlord…

Maybe Mr Smart Corporate Lawyer and/or Teabagger would care to actually Go To Bhopal and explain to a grieving mother why her Child wasn’t worth any more than $500. Which was the price Union Carbide paid for each life they took.

Actually, since the long term effects of the Chemical Assault they unleashed, albeit accidentally, (because Union Carbide, despite their name, was operating in Bhopal precisely in an attempt to break the Workers UNIONS and thus hired people who didn’t have UNION training and no UNION guaranteed Safety Regulations.)

… but not only did Union Carbide Corporation get away with paying only $500 per Immediate Death, they also weren’t required to actually clean up the still toxic site. Nor, in an Extreme Case of “tort reform”, were they required to follow up on the injured WORKERS and their health care. One very reliable estimate has the number of HUMAN BEINGS who had their lives cut off for the profit of the Good, Righteous and Ever So Superior Corporation, has passed a Million Souls.

“Chemical Ali” was hanged last week for a mere 5000. And the TeaBaggers cheered.

Would they or their Right Wing Whoremasters like Beck and O’Reilly cheer as heartily if the Corporate Boardroom of Union Carbide were emptied at gunpoint and the Murdering Thieves who perpetrated the far more deadly attack on Bhopal HANGED?

I’m opposed to the Death Penalty, so I’ll say it like this, it might not be what they deserve, but it would be EXACTLY what they dish out.

But of course, the TeaBaggers and their Fellow Travellers in the Republican and Libertarian parties wouldn’t DARE go to such a place, or to confront a single one of the victims of their Arrogance, in a one-on-one encounter. Too much Cowardice.

It’s why people throw hijacked airplanes at their buildings.

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