Amy McPherson

You know the current wave of anti-immigrant Hatred, exploited so exquisitely by the Right Wing Propaganda Machine, like Fox News and their Meat-Puppets in the Minutemen and related Tea-party movements. How’s that birth certificate thing working out, Klansmen? You know, I don’t have MY original birth certificate. Does that mean the Minutemen or anybody else, like for instance people who could pass the mental and moral and intellectual tests to be REAL cops, could rescind my citizenship the way they try to rescind President Obamas?

This kind of crap works is cycles, during the depression, before Oklahoma migrants were scapegoated, Mexican migrants were the preferred scapegoats.
Then’ like today, the so called “Crime” was poverty.

Amy McPherson was a Pentecostal minister, a televangelist before the term was invented… had a troubled life and a troubled, at times, walk with God.
She did one thing that set her apart from her peers at the time and, as it turns out, Our Times.

She took a stand against the Haters. As the depression deepened, more and more out of work, hungry, homeless, dispossesed. some fired up the Radio Ministry to preach right wing Hatred, a favorite target: Mexicans.
Laws were actually pushed through that people at Soup Kitchens had to prove they were actually Americans. Kind of like the Homeland Security Fascism without the technology.

Sister Amy ran a Soup Kitchen, a shelter, a Free Store where people could go to get the necessities of life. And demanded NO proof of anything, not even proof of need.

It took courage, and she took a lot of heat. Her Fascist counterpart, Billy Sunday, has gone down to history as the hate-filled bigot that he actually was.

Radio Stars pulling together Hate-filled mobs, in the name of Christ? Say, doesn’t THAT sound mighty familiar…

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