And another ripoff of Haitian money by Baby Doc Duvalier

With the help of the Swiss Courts… The money that Baby Doc and Family jacked up the Haitian people for, with the help of Le Tonton Macoute and their CIA handlers, and landed in Swiss Banks, well.. the day before the earthquake the Swiss Government decided to rule in favor of the Duvalier Crime Cartel getting the money back. On the technicality that when the suit was filed, the Haitian Government, hampered by the Reagan Crime Cartel from forming an actual government and actual court system… one which the Reagan Regime would recognize… Couldn’t actively pursue Baby Doc or the stolen money.

On his father’s death in 1971, 19-year-old Baby Doc was named president for life.

Haiti first asked for the money to be returned in 1986 shortly after Baby Doc fled unrest and settled in France.

But Switzerland refused to return it because the Haitian government was not pursuing Mr Duvalier under its own justice system.

The system that was hamstrung by Big Brother Reagan.

Isn’t that Special? The U.S. government blocked Haitian independence for just long enough to eat up the Statute of Limitations.

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