And now, from the Other Side of their face, City Council today…

..ok, not City Council but some of their accomplices in the Great Homeless People Purge are now saying the Homeless People are actually valuable to the city when it comes to getting Federal Block Grants. And they’re now trying to convince all the Campers, the ones who were so roundly and loudly condemned for (in our current instance) since last early fall as being somehow Subhuman and criminals and crazies and Drug Addicts, … they’re telling them it’s their civic duty as Citizens of Colorado Springs to be counted in the Census.

Yes, the ones that Rivera and his Usual Gang of Idiotic Thugs have relegated to the status of Non-Human Non-Citizen are now being told that we have a Civic Duty to support “our” City. I guess this newly reinstated “citizenship” although in a second class worthy for SubHumans who aren’t wealthy… is of course only going to last until the count is verified by the census and then our citizenship will once more be revoked.

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