Another Acquitted-in-advance Murder Charge against Xe

Afghanistan, May 5th

The indictment alleges that at the time of the shootings, Cannon and Drotleff were Department of Defense contractors employed by Paravant LLC, which is a subsidiary of Xe (formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide). According to the indictment, as contractors, Cannon and Drotleff provided training to the Afghan National Army for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the use and maintenance of weapons and weapons systems.

When they got drunk, crashed their car and blew away the Afghan civilians who came to their aid they were of course “Collecting kitchen equipment” for charity, or on their way to Bomb errr… “Deliver Toys to” an orphanage, yeah, that’s the ticket. Real Boy Scouts, they are.
Acquitted in Advance because they’ve been given immunity for ANY crimes they commit, first by Imperial Fiat from George W Bush and now, by the Court “Justice” system, the DOJ Lawyer will be another Bush appointee, so will he Judge, the reverse-side of the Kangaroo Court coin.

May, incidentally, was 8 months ago. If somebody in the victims’ party had produced a firearm and defended himself, would the Department of “Justice” have waited 8 months to make him disappear into a torture dungeon, say, at Bagram or Khandahar, and would they have waited 8 months to waterboard him?
Pigs stick togeher.

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