Another battle looming for the Very Rich vs. Very Poor?

The Gag-zette, our local Right Wing Extremist “newspaper” ran a fluff piece as a headline Sunday. Saying that draconian laws forbidding poverty to be seen within the walls of Emerald City had “positive results”. Translation: The Rich Bitches are about to sick the Colorado Springs and El Paso County Gestapo departments on anybody who even looks poor.

Much like the Racist Border Patrol and their even more Reactionary Hatemonger Klan Auxiliary the Minutemen have given themselves the license to beat down anybody who dares to go around “looking Mex”.

The Anti-Working Class laws like the Homeless Camping Ordinance are applauded by our Cheerleaders for the Rich Bitch Masters like Michelle Malkin and Tom Tancredo and Dan Maes. Maes and Tancredo are running for Governor on the Racist Hate Platform. Good news, though, the annual Stand-Down which is specifically targeted toward homeless PEOPLE who are also military veterans. A huge proportion of the people who are without adequate shelter in fact. Something the Reich Wing won’t tell anybody because they’re still trying to convince young kids that joining the Army is actually a fast track to success. Local number for Coordinators October 14, 2010 Colorado Springs, CO Jack Freeman 719-667-5588

And that link points the same way this one does, to a VA website with some good info on a nationwide basis. You’ll have to scroll down to September and go from there, it’s for all of 2010.


New socks.

There are hand-warmers which activate by contact with air, HotHands is one brand, ToastyToes… They could be a lifesaver and cost about a buck per package.

Liquid soap. A lot better than bar soap for the backpack.

“3 man” tents. Actually, 1 person and a dog tents but that’s how they’re sold, $20 apiece brand new and scaff up as many as possible from the ARC, Goodwill, DAV, whatever thrift stores. If you’re going to donate used equipment of any kind, clean it first.

Sleeping bags. Same scenario.

There are insulating windshield stretch-across thingies <–esoteric engineering term there and if you didn’t understand obviously you’re not an engineer. They’re specifically designed to shade your car interior on very sunny days so your seat doesn’t burn your butt when you get in. They’re also packaged as survival blankets and they charge about 10-20 times more depending on where you buy them. God never told us to be stupid so go to like Dollar Tree and scaff up as many of those as possible. Two of them would cost, at a dollar apiece, working working working oh yeah $2.14 (sales tax you know) and combined with a blanket makes a sleeping bag bedroll that will save your important parts, in case of extreme cold.

Which we actually HAVE extreme cold in Colorado.

Canned Heat. Aka Sterno. If you buy it AGAIN, ignoring labeling, what it is, wood alcohol suspended in paraffin, buying the label could cost you more so look in Dollar stores in Party Supplies, they’re used to keep pans of food hot. One of those, a can of water and something blocking the wind makes an excellent radiant steam heater. At the Dollar Tree type stores you get two for a buck.

Camping supplies, I’m wondering if the Shitty Hall types would consider that "aiding and abetting" people violating the Camping ordinances. In that case though, they’d have to prosecute WalMart and Big 5 and other stores which sell them new for about a day’s wages.

It would be about the kindest and most meaningful way to give help to those who need it, meanwhile (politely) giving the upraised middle finger to the Fascists, who really need THAT. Actually they need it inserted up to the elbow but that’s another story.

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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1 Response to Another battle looming for the Very Rich vs. Very Poor?

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Single serve instant coffee or, better, some of the coffee “teabag”
    Advantages are that they can be carried in your shirt or coat pocket, if you used a jar of instant anything you’d let in moisture every time you opened it, I speak here from experience, Even In The Hottest Driest Parts of America, and it would quickly be rendered useless.
    Disadvantages are that they cost more per serving.
    Cocoa packets You can get the same thing with more nutrition in the way of envelopes of hot chocolate mix.
    Disadvantage: the cocoa mix requires REALLY hot water.
    But remember the Canned Heat things from the article? yeah, like that.
    Stingers single cup water immersion heaters. Lots of places have electric outlets where people charge their cell phones. A public restroom, you have electricity, water, all you need is the cup the heater and the cocoa, coffee, instant soup whatever. Breakfast of champions.

    A dog is a self-portable fur lined heating unit which kicks out a steady 103 degrees F. They also provide protection which is one reason the Cops wouldn’t want you to have one, why they want to force everybody into Concentration Cam err, shelters where the Uniformed Thugs can control your movements and your ability to defend your self every bit as much as they do prisoners in the jails. One dog is plenty. Predators like mountain lions, a bear who wakes up in a errrr… “Bearish” mood (and hungry) frightened or horny Deer and Elk, man just this year there’s been reports of each type on the creek bottoms here in town. And Muggers. They would all be more dangerous if you don’t know when they’re around. A dog will tell you. Take away the element of surprise and they’ve got Nothin’.

    So, Canned Dog Food

    Something that wouldn’t draw bears hopefully.
    Again, I can see how Some People would see this as “aiding and abetting” those CRIMINALS who are made CRIMINALS by the passage of Hate Laws which make the very act of survival while poor to be a Crime.

    All in the name of Christian Love.
    If Jesus came into Colorado Springs next Sunday they’d tell Him to get a haircut, a shave, a bath and a Job, and to lose the donkey. Then they’d still crucify Him on the following Friday.

    2000 years more or less and some things just never change.

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