Another currency scam, like the Bass Brothers pulled in the 70s

There’s an infomercial on TV right now, for the “presidential dollar coin” collector series. Seems, according to the Sellers, who have apparently bought up a huge amount of these coins…
Are warning us that there’s a conspiracy run by unscrupulous coin dealers to buy up huge amounts of these coins in order to manipulate the currencies market by saying that current buying trends on these coins indicate they would be a Hugely Profitable Investment…
But they fail to mention, only if enough people fall for their scam.
The Bass brothers did that in 1977-78 with the silver market, buying up just enough of the available silver, starting a rumor that some powerful Multi-billionaire investors were buying silver, thus driving up the price of silver… then dumping it en masse on the market.

They scored billions of bucks, paid a few million in fines and served not a single minute in jail or in handcuffs for this massive ripoff. Much like the Real Estate investment scams that are being ramped up once more, “buy foreclosed homes at pennies on the dollar with (yeah, we’ve heard this before) GOVERNMENT guarantees on the mortgages, then “flip” them for HUGE profits! Attend our seminar to find out how… only a thousand dollars per day for a week-long seminar. But Hurry! This is a Limited Time Offer (umm… I’m familiar with elementary physics, there’s nothing infinite, not even time…)
and you must hurry before The enraged people realize that they’ve been had and run us out of town on a rail err… umm… The market tanks again due to these blatant manipulations err ummm… before they close the loophole or some other unseen force like the laws of physics, simple economics and maybe good common sense occur on a massive scale and we just simply won’t be able to offer it anymore, yeah, that’s the ticket…

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