AP says “rumors” of Barack Obama being Muslim and such rot

When it’s not in fact Rumors. Rumors would be started and spread through grass roots.
What IS the case is a Republican-Ku Klux Klan joint action of Disinformation with deliberate lies spread as though they were actual facts, through such Well-Respected Journalistic Engines as FOX Noise Nutwerx and the Globe, a “newspaper” that makes the National Enquirer look like a serious News Outlet. The sources were all paid operatives of both the Republican Party and a Klan organization called StormFront.
And the word of a so-called Forgery expert named Jerome Corsi. Who according to one spin of his story learned the art of Forgery by forging documents for the CIA and Military.
The AP’s own “rumor control” starts with a blazing huge headline “Obama a secret muslim, not a citizen…” in large type and then in smaller type “believed by many in mainstream even without evidence”.

So, what, people who read only the headline aren’t going to think that AP officially endorses the “rumors”? Does the writing and editorial staff at AP, supposedly experts in mass communications, believe that people not accustomed to reading past the headline will actually NOT think that AP OFFICIALLY endorses the Disinformation Campaign?

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1 Response to AP says “rumors” of Barack Obama being Muslim and such rot

  1. For a quick re-hash of some of the salient points, Whether one supports the Obama presidency or not.

    According to their own story line Obama would be a citizen regardless of where he was born merely because his mother was a U.S. Citizen.

    Their contention that a super-secret cabal in 1962 when black Americans were being blocked from voting in 13 of the United States by local and state laws somehow a Black Child was destined or PLOTTED to become President of the United States, one of only two jobs in America where in-country birth are requirements

    Their candidate for President was born offshore, in the Conquered Territory of the Panama Canal Zone.

    Their candidate for Vice President the other job for which such offshore birth would be a disqualifier blatantly lied and told CHILDREN a lie that would make it seem she didn’t even know the actual job of Vice President, which is to take over the duties of the President should the President no longer be capable of performing those duties

    Unless she is REALLY that stupid then her Stupid Act would be a long series of LIES.

    Islam or any other Religious Beliefs are neither a requirement or a disqualification for any public office in America. Period. People who don’t like that can “love it or leave it”, the Vatican has an official policy of Religious Test to qualify for citizenship, perhaps they can apply there.

    If he were a Muslim there would be no way he could do so secretly. Islam, unlike Episcopalian or Catholic theology, has no clause for hiding one’s faith.

    The Episcopal and Catholic Churches, by the way, granted such indulgence in the wake of the Reformation, which was a massive Christian on Christian crime spree which continues today.

    But Islam doesn’t have that indulgence.

    If he were Muslim then his complicity in the Global War On Islam would be a massive sin, even from a Christian point of view.

    Jerome Corsi posted on StormFront and other Right Wing Lunatic media (like FOX) a forged copy of a Kenyan Birth Certificate.

    A forged document being provided by a forgery expert who gained his credentials by BEING a forger… hmmmm….

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