Armenian Genocide threatens Turkish-US relations…

But not the ongoing Genocide against the Kurds. Why? Possibly because the Armenians are at least in name Christian, and the Kurds are not?
How about, more likely, the Fact that ongoing genocidal war against the Kurds has been facilitated and participated by the United States Military? The U.S. Military stepped aside a couple years back as Turkey attacked the Kurds in Iraq…. and killed more Kurdish PEOPLE than Saddam Hussein’s cousin “Chemical Ali” had during his entire career, even counting the hyped numbers that the Pentagon more than likely simply pulled from their collective Rectal Orifice. (and using weapons supplied by the Pentagon and the Reagan Administration).
Saddam’s war against the Kurds was done in tandem, even coordinated with, the U.S.-Turkish-Soviet joint maneuvers against the Kurds.

The Supreme Court weighs in. Why would it be necessary or take so long? Because its Parent Organization, the federal government, is actively waging war against Kurds.
See, they’ve got the definitions of “Good Kurds” who passively accept or ever actively collaborate with the division of their nation by the “Great Powers”, and the “Bad Kurds” who actively resist.

If some of the “Good Kurds” get mown down by the Imperialist Powers it’s simply because the “Bad Kurds” are using them as Human Shields. Much like the U.S.A.F. uses the city of Colorado Springs as its own Human Shields. And the “Good Kurds” can be easily identified because they’re
the ones grovelling to the Imperialist Powers and begging forgiveness for the crime of sharing ethnicity with the “Bad Kurds”

Armenians: Christian and Not Kurdish. Not that “christian” means anything to the Pentagon Warmongers except when they’re schmoozing the Christian community, other than that they like Antichrist “forsaking the gods of their fathers worship the god of Forces”.

Kurds also happen to have their homelands on the geographic anomalies where Oil accumulated over the ages. When it comes to placating and schmoozing non-Kurdish ethnic neighbors like Turks, Arabs, Russians and Persians, (and Armenians) the subsidized Oil Industry plays the political card.

Since the U.S. government in general and the Military Generals is particular are fully owned by the Oil Companies, guess which ethnic group whose name is spelled with a “K” in Greek, Turkish and English are going to be the targeted ones?

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