As predicted… the “uppity” Haitians are to be suppressed Militarily

In the name of giving emergency aid to the people.
A couple of quick predictions, the U.S. military will invite the other Foreign Nations providing aid to either bow to U.S. supremacy or leave Haiti. That would mean the people who have actually been IN Haiti for years providing such aid and comfort, easing the suffering of the people.
Cubans, Venezuelans, Chinese, Swiss (Medicins Sans Frontiers) will be ordered either to Lick U.S. Army Boot or take off. Bye-bye, see y’all. WE are in control now.

These groups have already had the amount of aid they could give Haitians EXTREMELY limited, for decades, by the U.S. supported (puppet, in other word) Dictatorship. The United States unwilling to provide the aid necessary, for DECADES, and also unwilling to allow any other nations or Non-Governmental organizations to provide that aid.

Has to be U.S. Domination all the way, because, you see, the U.S. is ordained by GOD, Himself, to have rule over all the Earth.

Just ask Pat Robertson. More locally, ask Tantcredo, Malkin, Dobson…

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