Attacks on polls in Iraq: perhaps carried out by US agent-provocateurs?

Because there’s quite a lot of Right Wing money invested in keeping the U.S. Military in Iraq. People like Richard Cheney and Karl Rove who sold their souls long ago, and have demonstrated repeatedly over the past 8 years that they have no regard for Human Lives, especially not Iraqi Civilians. Maybe their babykilling accomplices at Blackwater/Xe? It strikes me that all those U.S. soldiers at the polling places with their machine guns pointed at the voters aren’t there to discourage Terrorism… but to make sure that Nobody Votes For Candidates Who the U.S. and their Puppet Government have determined to be ineligible. Some “Iraqi Freedom” you’re fighting for

You know, they DID promise the Afghan and Iraqi people that they would have “democratic” elections Just Like In America, where the Corporate Overlords pick which two candidates between whom we get to choose.

I guess for once they weren’t actually lying.

But of course, it’s only a coincidence that the ones chosen by the Corporate Overlords “won by landslide”.

And none of those “suicidal” terrorists who conveniently died did something simple, like voting for somebody who they were forbidden to elect.

Amazing how the hundreds, thousands, of “suicide bombers” are so dedicated to Ba’ath party or al Qa’eda or Taliban but somehow, in these “fair and free elections” nobody voted against the Officially Sanctioned by the American Masters (the ones with the Machine Guns) Candidates?

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1 Response to Attacks on polls in Iraq: perhaps carried out by US agent-provocateurs?

  1. Here’s another problematic detail the Pentagon and its propagandists don’t want anybody to think about…

    How would we know if some cab drive who pulls into an intersection where there’s a few thousand people within say, a two hundred yard radius. Which is a fairly large area. And his cab explodes….. if he put the bomb in his car, or knew the bomb was in his cab? Sure there’s plenty of people who would feel that a big KABOOM! would come in handy, especially if they can make martyrs.. as in American martyrs…

    People like the ones who want the American troop presence to be permanent. American people who want the American troop presence to be permanent. Maybe not Bush, personally, or Rove or Wolfowicz or Cheney, personally, but people LIKE that. Ones who have exactly zero concern for the lives or safety of American Soldiers, to the point that they would start wars for profit, based on Lies, that will most certainly get thousands of Americans killed.

    Ones who make money from every death in Iraq. And have the power to commit the act, opportunity to match their motives.

    So some poor sap who has no idea that his cab is rigged to blow chunks out of nearby buildings and blow chunks of people through those chunks of buildings…

    Gets a call to pick up a passenger in front of a polling place, or in front of an American “storefront community action center” and just drives right up…

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