“Basser” speakers = Epic Fail

Look, guys, if you’re gonna spend upwards of a weeks pay at minimum wage for something, at least don’t break it as soon as you get it installed, M’kay? I mean, my ears still work. That’s partly because I never had Ear-destroying stereo equipment to play with as a child. One of the few benefits of poverty I guess. So I can hear what you can not. I can remember when Stereo was called Hi-fi. One of the things that go wrong with High Fidelity sound reproduction is a damaged membrane on one or more speakers. I know people in Texas who get paid mucho dinero to do stereo speaker repair and it’s a really simple operation. They find the place where the membrane is torn, or loosened, usually where it’s glued to the edge of the circle, and re-glue it. Here’s the thing.

What knocks it loose in the first place is the vibrations of the speaker, with very high sounds and very small speakers the vibrations come so fast that it’s inevitable wear and tear. But it usually takes YEARS for that to happen with the “tweeters”, (yes, children, before Twitter a tweeter was a piece of electronic equipment) but somehow, those Mega-Ultra-huge Bass Speakers tear the first time you take them out to “impress” people.
Impressing me with misuse of expensive equipment, nope. Doesn’t work and no apologies. What DOES impress me is the damage you’re doing to a microphone that’s smaller than the smallest electronic “tweeter” speaker and is protected mostly by a small amount of wax, some very fine hairlike structures called cilia and a fair amount of Good Common Sense. Ok, so we can assume you don’t have the last part installed correctly.
So the stunned look on your (for want of a better word) faces and the “Like, what?? Sounds coming from your oral cavity are normal, for you at least, but here’s the deal, the wax and the cilia in the ear increase, in a vain attempt by what’s left of your brain to protect your hearing.

Which makes it harder for you to hear things at a normal conversational level, hear emergency sirens behind you, or things like “Look out, you’re about to hit that kid!”, you know, important stuff like that.

It also is only temporarily effective, your brain is supposed to be geared to the naturally occurring Very Loud Sounds which have been steadily and increasingly drowned out by the Artificially Generated Very Loud Sounds of the past 150 or so years.

The natural ones are intermittent, not happening very often, like every time you fire up your car and of course, the Bass Speaker.
The glue on that speaker membrane is VERY strong, so the only answer I can think of as to how you manage to tear that membrane, and consequently that little, teeny, tiny, wee, miniature, microscopic, little, tiny membrane in your inner ear, is that you turn it up as high as it can go so you can hear your final sound.

The sound I hear because my eardrums are still intact, is the “flutter” of the tear in the membrane. If you were playing Beethoven’s Ninth (and some of you are saying “Huh? Wha?”) it would do neither you nor me any good.

That’s one reason it doesn’t impress me. You know why it’s impossible to buy Smart? Because if you could buy it, the Corporate Sales People would from that point forward never be able to sell you ANYTHING or at the very least any of the overpriced overrated hyped up Crap they make the most money from selling.

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