BBC: Vuvuzelas banned at many FutBol matches…

“Because they might be considered a WEAPON”
And aside from that racist gratuitous raising of the Terrorist Specter out of its uneasy grave, there’s the notion that it would make it where the people wouldn’t hear public service safety messages. Unlike, of course, a large rowdy and NOISY crowd of the European version of Rednecks screaming, hollering and other activities which are usually the accompaniment to Drinking A Lot Of Alcohol. Those could never in any way drown out Public Safety Announcements, no sir!

A growing number of Premier League clubs are following Tottenham’s lead and banning vuvuzelas from their grounds on match days this season.
Arsenal, Birmingham, Everton, Fulham and West Ham are the latest teams to have stated the plastic horns will not be allowed inside stadia.

But they’ll still sell English Beer, which is multiple times the strength of anything you’ll find on the shelves in America. Drinking a quart of it could be equivalent to drinking a fifth of 80-proof whiskey. 30% alcohol content isn’t the norm, but it’s in the range of what’s sold. And 30% = 60 proof, proof is double the percentage of alcohol by volume. Americans wouldn’t be in the habit of making the mental conversions because here it’s mostly used in relation to DISTILLED spirits rather than brewed.

Many more Americans need to take in at least one AA meeting because that’s who teach people what their drinking habits actually amount to. “but it’s ONLY beer!”

A lot of Brits need the Friendship of Bill W. as well.

I shan’t even mention Irish because that’s just too easy.

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