Beyond the limits of good taste

Jokes about “tuna in oil” for instance. But there’s one that’s a little too far over the edge, one of the Gossip Magazines with a lurid headline about BP Chief in Sex Scandal.. (rest of the headline was that it was an affair with a married woman) My thought, and I had to bite my tongue to keep from barking it REAL loud in the crowded supermarket, “Who CARES? The dude has animals burned or boiled alive in controlled burns, he’s overseen the poisoning of the American and Mexican and Central American seafood, an area of water with so many remnants of endangered species now driven to the brink of extinction, and they’re worried because he at least once in his life had SEX?”

C’mon now, some aspects just aren’t relevant.

Using that line of thinking the boomerang effect is that it makes consensual sex with a live, adult human who’s probably sane somehow equivalent to massive destruction of the entire ecosystem of the planet. Or just sizable chunks thereof.

This is roughly like the “Historical Moralists” who insist that what brought down the Roman empire was Sexual Indulgence. Dudes, the Romans had their fair share of decadent sexual practices when they were living under the Etruscan rule, before the Republic, LONG before Empire.

What brought down the Roman Empire was the very creation of that Empire. You build a society on Slavery and Death, then start exporting those “family values” to all your neighbors, it wouldn’t matter if your Empire was composed entirely of Nuns and Monks, with perfect chastity observed throughout the land. Why don’t the “Moral Hysterians” ever consider THOSE aspects?

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