Big Pharm and “Uncontrolled Anal Leakage”

So that was on the infamous List of Known Side Effects of a weight loss pill in the early 1990s that promised to block fat from being absorbed in the colon, near the bottom end of the digestive tract. Never mind that an easier solution would be to not put as much fat in the upper end of the digestive tract aka the “mouth”.
But this morning I heard a commercial, again, for Ambien sleep aid. It could be any of the prescription or even non-prescription Pharma products, it’s almost interchangeable near the end, where they speed up the speech about what the side effects are. Not Uncontrolled Anal Leakage this time though. No, this time it’s The Next Day Zombie Effect.
Basically, going around the next day with your brain Turned Off.

I’d almost take uncrolled anal leakage over that. But this side effect has been well known for 2 years at least. TWO YEARS they’ve continued to sell a drug or drugs that Make People Stupid. Ok, that sounds a lot like a gentle reminder that water is wet.

If you replace “Ambien” with “beer” it would be about the same, but people would be more judgmental about the beer part. Technically, it’s just as deadly and just as illegal to drive While Zombie as it to drive drunk.

Do I have the answers? Hell no. I’m not paid to have the answers. I’m not even paid to ask questions.
The people who ARE paid are simply pushing a drug that makes you not remember or know what you’re doing. Kind of like the blackouts that attend the Terminal Stages of alcoholism.

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