Bobby Fuller and the folly of accepting Anecdotal Evidence from Cops

“but Brutus says that Caesar was ambitious… and Brutus was an Honorable Man”
Now, I’ve been accused of being insane, satanic, stupid and a criminal for demanding more evidence than a Police Report as proof that Hemeless people are all criminals.

One fellow who insists that ALL Homeless People are deranged or Lazy or on drugs brought forth as “evidence” of this Extremely Rabid Claim a report that a motel being used as an impromptu shelter for Hemeless People had “numerous incidents of Police Calls involving drugs”.
Now, I had stayed at that motel as a paying guest, for a week, and on the 4th day the police were called to my room about alleged methamphetamine manufacture. I never in my life took meth much less dealt in it or manufactured it. But, according to the logic used by Our

Friend that would be proof that I personally was a meth lab cook.

On with the story.. Oh, and I’ll get to the Title part at the end.

My First Person anecdotal evidence wouldn’t be accepted by Our Friend as proof or even evidence of anything. Police Reports not resulting in criminal charges, Anti-Homeless PERSON propaganda “news” reports containing the tell-tale Tag Line “Homeless Crime” at the start and the equally telling “Police have no suspects” at the end… are considered acceptable.

Now, if the Police have No Suspects, how exactly would the “news” Hate-Mongers actually know that the alleged perpetrator of the alleged crime was actually Homeless?

I say alleged crime because aside from the Police Report there’s no actual evidence that a Crime actually was committed. BUT it’s “crazy” or “stupid” or “hateful” to question the Divine and Irrefutable Word of the Infallible Saintly Police.
…this would be the same police who reported that there was an allegation of Meth manufacture starring moi, meme sui. That’s Cajun for “me myself and I”.

Also the Sainted and Infallible Police who set upon us at the St Paddy’s parade three years ago and beat up on elderly and disabled people, then got away with it. And whined through their Proxies like the Gazette, City Council and the local Television and Radio “news” that they were being “persecuted” because their Official Version was being questioned.

Now, in another El Paso County, Texas, my brother was a student at Andress High school, and one of his friends was the son of an El Paso County SD Homicide detective.

Detective told him that half of all Homicides in El Paso County went unsolved. I believe that.

There was a prominent Lawyer, Jimmy Chagra, who had successfully defended many accused mostly Minority people accused of crimes largely because the DEA and of course, the EPCSD and the EPPD would habitually fabricate evidence.

Jimmy Chagra was found murdered in his office, which was right across the street from the parking lot shared by the El Paso County Sheriffs Dept, El Paso County Courthouse and the El Paso Police Dept. No suspects were ever arrested. Surprise. BUT, the Ministry of Lies “news” media all reported that it was done by Drug Terrorists. Hmmmm… no suspects, but the Pig Establishment errr Police and Unbiased News media pronounced it a drug crime.

While the COPS would be the ones who had the actual motive, Chagra consistently kicked their ass in court, and the opportunity, and the means (did you know, Cops have access to all kinds of firearms and many of them are trained killers? it’s TRUE!)

My brothers friends dad told him that if you want to murder somebody just do it in the victims own bathroom, use a K-Mart special shotgun and generic shells, wear gloves, and leave in a stolen white vehicle, preferably a sedan or van.

This was a decade after the Chagra murder and nearly 3 decades after another unsolved death in El Paso County. Oh, that’s right, it was “officially closed” almost immediately after Bobby Fuller, of the hit song fame “I fought the Law, and the Law won”, was found dead in his car doused in gasoline.

Yep, nothing says “Death by natural causes” like being found dead in your car doused in gasoline. But, that’s the Official Story, and they’re sticking to it.

Mind you, incidents like that would never ever ever no not once call into question the veracity or competence of the Police Establishment or any otherwise unsupported evidence they would have to offer. Especially when they’re rounding people up and punishing them for the “crime” of Being Poor Where People Can See You. Why, it would be “crazy” to suggest it.

Because, “Brutus said Caesar was Ambitious… and Brutus is an Honorable Man”.

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