Bolton, the World Court, Imperialism disguised as Nationalism

There’s a PBS special on about it now, reminded me. The notion that the United States, and ONLY the United States, can stand as both Immune from international law AND have the ability to Sit In Judgment of every other person in the entire world, that’s not Nationalism. Nationalism respects the rights of Other Nations to exercise sovereignty. The Bu’ushiite Regime made it very clear that they reject the sovereignty of Every Other Nation on Earth. That’s Imperialism. When George W Bush, his lackeys Bolton and Rice and his puppet masters Rove and Cheney, told the world that “No American Soldier would ever stand trial for war crimes” they were not only explicitly granting them immunity, they were implicitly Ordering Them To Commit Those Types Of War Crimes.
And they included their minions in Blackwater in that General Order.

That’s the only reason none of the Blackwater/Xe or enlisted or Commissioned United States soldiers have been in any serious peril of being punished for the Crimes they were ALL party to, under the common law and Statutory Laws regarding “Complicity”.

Some of the people George Bush had put to death in Texas were guilty only of Complicity. “conspiracy to commit”. But what’s sauce for the goose, is obviously not sauce for the Empire.
In doing so, the Bu’ush regime and all their supporters have committed the greatest Treason of all against America. They have completely replaced our Republic with an Empire, for the purpose of committing Mass Murder.

The Bush/Cheney supporters should be ashamed of this, but apparently, they not only revel in their past misdeeds, they are angling, loudly and proudly, to reinstate their Imperial Dynasty.

Their Empire will eat itself, and with it, all aspirations of National Identity for the United States.

The United States as a nation will be a museum relic, much the same as any other Dynasty that went before us.

The Pharaoh Bush will be a curiosity to scholars from some better civilization, along with the Pharaoh Tutankhamen, and the Emperors Nero and Gaius Julius Caesar II, also known as Caligula.

Those last two were the Emperors most resembling Messieurs Bush and Cheney.

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