BP Private corporate “cops” given powers over American citizens…

The Texas City and Galveston county cops even gave BP’s Private Security Pigs the photographer’s home phone number. and that, allegedly, to satisfy Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force protocol.

What about the Corporate Terrorism, destroying a huge chunk of the environment, directly, and the livelihood of every person dependent on that environment being sound and healthy? You know, EVERYBODY. Me, you, he and she and me and thee and we… there’s not man jack of us in the entire world that isn’t harmed by this.

The deal about “life will survive, we won’t necessarily save the planet, earth and life are going to be here long eons after we’re extinct… the problem is how are we going to save Our Species?” comes to mind.

And the “anti-terrorist” Security guards at the BP refinery, being photographed by a propublica reporter as part of the journalistic investigation that’s apparently more thorough than Homeland InSecurity has made… the bastards are purely and simply Mercenary Terrorists. To pretend otherwise would be as absurd as saying that the Private Pigs really had some other reason for wanting the reporters phone number than being able to call him with threats, and, since BP is undoubtedly very cozy with whatever phone service the man uses, to track his whereabouts through his cell phone, something supposedly only cops who are Deputized by the PEOPLE (allegedly) to have those kinds of powers. Although, the Taxpayer owned, Privately run “justice” department doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any mandate from the people either.

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