Brownshirt attacker demands apology from victim

In the attack on Lauren Valle. Three attackers and one demanding an apology from Ms Valle. They’re also claiming they were just “restraining” her and “accidentally stepped on her”.
It’s on the same level of Sarah Palin telling people “don’t sit down and don’t shut up” while having the Arizona cops violently remove people for “heckling” Her Royal Satanic Lowness.
I’ve been told by some that I’m not supposed to criticize the TeaBag Scum, compare them to Nazis (Momma always said, Nazi Stormtrooper is as Nazi Stormtrooper does) or point out that their lynching of Bill Sparkman, in Clay Co. KY, the county once the jurisdiction of the infamous Judge Lynch who gave his name to the act… was actually a lynching and not a “suicide” as the Same Kentucky State Police who are trying hard to bury the Lauren Valle beat-down, claimed the MURDER of Bill Sparkman to have been. Will the Kentucky Kop Klan break honest on this case? My wager is that they don’t.
Rand Paul is calling for “bipartisan” rejection of violence, like the Left has seriously been stomping on the heads of the Right Wing Extremists who come to OUR demonstrations to threaten and even in some cases assault us.

Seems the MSM doesn’t want to touch this one yet.

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