Bruce Lee and Steven Seagal

Is it just my imagination or were so many of Seagals Faked Up Super-Cop fantasies just a remake of “Enter the Dragon”? Where SuperKungFu-Panda-Kop takes on The Kingpin of the world Drug industry (I’ll personally believe that when Seagal and Norris and van Damme kick down the boardroom doors at Pfizer, Eli Lilly etc..)

and slaps them around until they stop making addictive drugs available to schoolkids? (Phillip Morris, Joe Camel, The Marlboro Man and whatever the hell songwriter and musicians wrote and performed that jingle “Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should” gang up on Det. Seagal and kill his partner, hold his wife hostage, trump up a Civil Rights Violation in which Det. Seagal loses his badge for not offering a suspect extra sugar with his tea and crumpets during an interrogation… thus Seagal has to take on the Tobacco Barons single handed…) (and the Liquor industry, leave us not forget them… except of course for the Patriotic Backwoods Moonshine purveyors of Poison)

But… seriously…. His latest show, “Lawman” shows him as a deputy Probation Officer at Jefferson Parish LA where his job duties appear to be to stand next to the Sheriff and hold “it” while the Sheriff pees… and then shake “it” for the Sheriff afterward.

Mr Kung Fu tough-guy also is shown operating the Tazer on a suspect who is both handcuffed and held down by several of Mr Kung Fu tough-guys fellow deputies.

Maybe it’s a fitting end to an ignoble career in Propaganda.

There’s a stupid question “who would win if Steven Seagal fought Bruce Lee?” Since Bruce Lee has been dead the better part of four decades, I think it’s a no-brainer.

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