Bus service with a couple of links.

When and why to picket City Hall. That from friend Ed.

Then there’s this from Bruce Gagnon in Bath, Maine and he even mentions our Lights Out and school cuts and bus cuts but not everything. To mention everything takes a long time and more than one mention in a Blog post.

But the certain knowledge is that the elephant in the parlor is Military Spending. It bleeds America dry and for what? We have more military, more WMDs, more spending on it than the rest of the WORLD combined. And we can’t seem to get bin Laden or find out if the small tribe of Sasquatch who live on the next mountains over from Cheyenne Mountain, the Eyes and Ears of the Pentagon, are doing OK, how many there or if they decided to pack up and go elsewhere.

Or, in an alternate theory, if they even existed.

But hey, if we throw away enough money to Big Corporate Rulers like Halliburton then the world will be safer for Halliburton. Or so they think.

Maybe if we took the initiative, you know, show the way. Lead the Pentagon to think that Osama might be hiding out in the Bigfoot band. He IS 2 meters tall, 6′ 5″. And has a lot of hair. He might be mistaken for a small Sasquatch. Then the Army would spend a lot of money HERE. We could get some of it, albeit by fraud and deception.

It wouldn’t be nearly as bizarre, amoral or dishonest as anything else the Army is doing or trying to do. That “Men who stare at goats” movie seems stupid, right? Except the CIA took 10 years and an uncounted number of Tax Dollars developing a plan for Remote Viewing and a plan to use LSD as a chemical weapon was explored by the Army.

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