Captain America movies… 9 of them…

uhhh…. This isn’t Jingoistic Propaganda. Propaganda is Latin for planting seeds. This is more like “fertilizer” for the crop.
“why doesn’t everybody in the entire world LOVE America when we’re represented by such magnificient and wonderful people as the makers of killer drones, and the Death Squad assassins and the Torture Centers and all in the service of conquering the entire world for the benefit of a very tiny number of individuals who will actually benefit from such activity?”

In real news there was an auspicious beginning to the protests in Washing Tundy Sea today, the AP reported Thousands turning out to demand a withdrawal from the UnHoly Crusades in Iraq and Afghanistan and the planned conquest of Iran (again with the WMDs bullshit being trotted out as a “justification” for taking their oil fields and giving them to American and British corporations)

This probably under-reported “thousands” is directly in the face of the corporate-organized, planned and financed Anti-Health Care Tea Potty Freak rally.

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