Corporate shill Silly Sarah addressing Corporate Takeover of the Tea Party

I know, they’ve been funded with at the very least Free hate television and radio advertising from Fox and Clear Channel. The same ones who get into their Rabid-ass foaming at the mouth frenzy denouncing anybody who dares suggest that they’re bought and paid for, by some of the biggest bank accounts in the world… but also got all Foaming at the Mouth OUTRAGED! about the NY Times giving a discount on a half page, one time deal Newspaper ad… Including Silly Shill Sarah. Well, they like to be lied to, and they’ve got a Professional to do it for errr “TO” them.

I mean, she Lies that she’s not in the pocket of the Big Oil and Big Coal companies, no, she just lends her voice to support them getting more government subsidies.
Subsidies like giving them public lands for exploitation, mountaintop removal, drilling, using the publicly funded Military to take over foreign nations and threaten others in order for her Oil Industry donors to take the resources that properly belong to the peoples of the seized lands… Oh, and Tax Breaks so they, the Corporate Political Machine who are the ONLY ones to benefit from the Iraq Invasion, Conquest and Occupation errr I mean Liberation and Nation Building… also don’t pay their fair share of the taxes that support such endeavours.
Their fair share would be,… let’s see,… quick calculate and estimate… ALL the expenses.

The Tea Party don’t seem to mind paying the Taxes for their Corporate “non” Owners… Nor does Sarah Lyin’ Palin.
It’s a match made in hell.

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