Costa Rica, Iraq and the TSA maybe not in that order

Although I did notice that I put their names in alphabetic order. Just a coincidence. TSA says “Big Brother is always right, STFU you silly peasants”, Costa Rica declares environmentalism “Terror Plot”, and the U.S. Military police are apparently running at least one concentration camp in Iraq where they’re incarcerating, without any charge, even children. But they have “movie night”. Probably Reagan and John Wayne movies, and the True Lies propaganda flicks.The Denver Post and C.S. Gagzette published a sidebar about how the “Totalitarian State Apparati” weighed the faked-up safety concerns against public outcry against their Big Brother attitude. Let the Mercenary Goons grope and leer at the passengers, treat us like we’re stupid for objecting and then tell us, through the press, how they believe we’re stupid and plan to literally molest even more passengers, not only on Airplanes but even at the Greyhound and Amtrak terminals.
And use full body X-ray scanners even though they’re radioactive.And cause or at least trigger and aggravate tumors. Terrorists don’t have to launch a Radioactive Waste “dirty bomb” on us, our “protectors” already did it for them. Much like they pay an uncounted, by us at least, amount of money having people stationed at reservoirs across the nation to make sure some al Qa’eda infiltrators don’t sneek a couple of pounds of ricin into the water. Last time I pulled metal out of Fountain creek, I got like ten car batteries. Lead Sulfate. And that was just in a quarter mile stretch. The Trinity River is called “the river of death” because all the refineries from Dallas, Ft Worth and on down the line to where it vomits out into the bayous which are the breeding grounds for most of the commercial fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, spew their waste into it.
Back to Fountain Creek, the place where Fountain creek picks up most of the bacteria and algae that make it stink? That’s from the north end of town, the Air Force Academy and Monument, Fountain Creek itself is sterile and for a really bad reason.

Nothing grows there No insect larvae, no frogs, no crawdads or similar crustaceans, no mollusks like snails, no moss, no algae, no fish. Only after the confluences with Monument Creek and then Bear Creek does the flow pick up any life. But they say it’s safe to drink, even though it flows past several copper mines, now defunct, and of course the toxic waste hill.

Which leads in to Costa Rica. The puppet “government” declared any opposition to the ongoing destruction of the rain forest, to develop oil reserves, (like the Venezuelan reserves, only under the full totalitarian control of Exxon Mobil and BP) mines and cattle ranches (for McDonalds, imagine that) … any opposition is “Terrorism”. That would, i suppose, include people writing snotty comments about it on a weblog like this one. Using the same formula they used against the Kurds in Turkey… and Iraq. The Puppet President of Costa Rica had to ask U.S. State Department for permission to make that declaration. That’s the level of “freedom” our Military enforces in the Conquered Vassal States. Like Iraq. Revelations came out about concentration camps being run in Iraq by the supposedly “Mission Accomplished and pulled-out” U.S. troops.

an Iraqi doctor speaks to groups of prisoners, including children as young as nine years, living in these horrific camps. Besides being denied due legal process, no type of standardized education is provided to the children who are locked up here. In defense, the US Military personnel said, “but they have movie night.” It is claimed that sometimes relatives are grabbed and thrown in the camps when they come to visit.

Freedom on all fronts, whoopee what a victory.
enjoy the racist movies, Iraqi prisoners. Don’t forget to thank the soldiers for that freedom.

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