Could it be, Olbermann fired by FOX?

Since the following chain of logic is true, very possible and knowing the “ethical” standards of the American CorporaFascist Empire therefore very probable. Quote:November 05, 2010 12:14 PM
What Role Did Comcast Play in Keith Olbermann’s Suspension?–UPDATED
By karoli
There is a double standard at work with regard to Keith Olbermann’s suspension, not only between other personalities appearing on MSNBC as commentators, but also at the very top level of the food chain. Comcast now owns MSNBC after their acquisition was completed earlier this year, despite protestations from many of us. A look at campaign finance disclosures for several organizations shows that Phil Anschutz, chairman of Comcast major shareholder and content partner with Comcast, donated large sums of money to the First Amendment Alliance,
(How very Orwellian, have we wound back the clock to “1984”? Does the Legal Staff for the “First Amendment Alliance work only for the Rich? What a foolish question, of course they won’t defend anybody else’s freedom of speech -Jonah) one of the largest outside groups targeting Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections.

The Anschutz Corporation, wholly owned by Phil Anschutz, gave $50,000 on 9/24/2010 to the First Amendment Alliance. The two candidates targeted by the First Amendment Alliance? Jack Conway and Michael Bennet.

Keith Olbermann gave to Jack Conway’s campaign along with Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords.

In addition, the Anschutz family donated $169,900 to Republican candidates and committees during the 2010 election cycle, according to Open Secrets.

Additionally, Comcast Corporation has contributed $125,000 to the Republican Governors’ Association in the 2010 cycle (as of 9/30/2010).

There’s been a lot of chatter about MSNBC policy, and whether Olbermann should have gotten advance approval for his donations to Jack Conway, Raul Grijalva(Targeted, literally, by the Neo-Nazi group “the Minutemen” for taking a stand against their Racist anti-Immigrant policies, they fired shots at his office and have repeatedly threatened him, along with Murdering the American Child Briseña Flores in her home because her surname is Spanish) and Gabrielle Giffords on October 28th. The policy I’ve seen reads like this:

NBC and MSNBC TV require permission of the president of NBC News. ( is a joint venture of NBC Universal and Microsoft.)

“Anyone working for NBC News who takes part in civic or other outside activities may find that these activities jeopardize his or her standing as an impartial journalist As opposed to an “entertainer” edit by Jonah because they may create the appearance of a conflict of interest. But not Corporate donations nor the contributions from the Elitist Scum who effectively ARE the corporation- Jonah Such activities may include participation in or contributions to political campaigns or groups that espouse controversial positions. (even though Mr Olbermann made huge sums of Profits for MSNBC by celebrating or opposing very controversial positions) You should
(but not “Must” -Jonah) report any such potential conflicts in advance to, and obtain prior approval of, the President of NBC News or his designee.” (who insist they have no such moral obligations, far less legal -Jonah)

That language clearly says “should” and not “must”. Further, anyone who thinks Keith Olbermann is an impartial journalist should have their head examined. (sic -grammar -Jonah) He’s not, never has been, never will be, and is not presented as one.

But it leaves this question lingering for me: How is it that the parent corporation of NBC and chairman of that corporation, Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough are accorded First Amendment rights to political speech and Keith Olbermann is not?

GET THIS: From the NYTimes:

The News Corporation is one of the biggest suppliers of content to Comcast, with contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
End quote.
So whazzup on that, Dawgs? It would seem that Fox, feeling empowered by their Corporate Sponsored “victory” over American Democracy and any sense of real liberty, is now punishing people who don’t even work for their particular subsidiary node of the Corporate Empire.

For doing on a private individual basis for Democratic candidates whom Fox and the head offices of Comcast had targeted Publicly and, when they did so, with amounts of cash that would dwarf KO’s entire stash, let alone what he could afford to donate. And, in the case of Fox, non-stop, 24/7 for 17 YEARS providing free advertising for the Republican and Tea Parties.

FREE airtime, from a Corporate Hypocrisy that actually got the United States Congress to condemn the New York Times for SELLING an ad to at a discount.

Said that any criticism of then President Bonzo the Semi-Articulate Chimpanzee was de facto an endorsement of and a campaign contribution to the DNC.

Coward bastards hid behind a technicality that they more than technically break and have broken consistently for 17 years. And, it wasn’t so much a criticism against George Bush, but his Mouthpiece General Betray-us. Allegedly, the Pentagon doesn’t belong to any political faction or party. FOX sees it differently and had enough Corporate Slave Congresspersons to back them up on it.

There were REAL stories which got buried by the storm of OUTRAGE! instigated by the fake “revolutionaries” at Fox. A wave of racist terrorism which Fox tacitly endorsed, anonymous COWARDS hanging nooses outside the homes and offices of Black “troublemakers”.

One of which was hanged outside the office of a Coast Guard professor… inside the boundaries of the Coast Guard Academy.

A major victory of anti-American TERRORISTS on a supposedly secured American Military Installation, crawling with Navy SPs and monitored front and back, up and down, and sideways by Security Surveillance of every kind, supposedly somebody sneaked onto the installation to deliver the Hate Message. Was this story reported on FOX? Fox no it wasn’t. Fox was too busy beating the drum FOR Bush and his accomplice Generally Betrays Us.
FOR organized slaughter in pursuit of the almighty dollar. You know who DID mention it amid all the DumFux Noise Nutwerks generated hooplah? Keith Olbermann.

Also in the pipes during the same short period of Journalistic Shining Ethics on the part of DumFux, was Comcast consolidating their Unholy Alliance with MSNBC, now their Lackeys who do their dirty work for them… like firing KO… who incidentally, unlike DumFox Noose Nutwerx, DID comment on that.

Show of hands, class, is there anybody here who doesn’t believe either Comcast, NBC, Microsoft or especially FOX news would be above doing something like that? Anybody? Bueller? Anybody? Who believes they have enough morals to refrain from that given the means and the motive? Who believes they don’t have the means or the motive? Anybody?

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11 Responses to Could it be, Olbermann fired by FOX?

  1. Avatar Gary Graupner says:

    Olbermann is an idiot, but he should have the right to donate to whom he wants, but he did agree to honor his contract which forbids it unless he gets approval, which he did not. He is no Journalist, and is so biased that he has poisoned most people who watch him. He cannot even be objective in his commentaries and his hatred of all things and people conservative has driven down his ratings to the point where he is a joke. Good riddance Keith……

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    What “conservatives”? The so-called “conservatives” conserve nothing. They’ve pissed away the economy of the entire world using the U.S. Military to try to conquer as much as they can steal for their bitch-ass “conservative” Whore-lords. Cowards like Murdoch and Bush and O’Reilly and Rove. “First Amendment but only for the Rich and their most trusted servants, eh, Graupner?

    I bet you DO ask permission before you say or do anything, and I bet YOU wouldn’t support any political opinion or candidate that your Corporate Whore-Lord doesn’t approve.

    Lick yo’ Massa’s Boot, BOY! Slurp slurp slurrrrrrpppppp!!!

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Comcast and their political minions wrote:

    “We compensate you at a fraction of the money the corporation nets, therefore every penny you earned by putting money into our pockets is under OUR control, not yours, and none of your own personal time belongs to you”.

    Yeah, in Union Parlance that’s a “yellow dog” contract, the boss gets to own your off work and separate from work time as well as the time you actually put money in HIS pocket.

    Essentially, your labor or white collar work is compensated at a fraction of the total net gain to the Corporation, even if you were being compensated at 99% of that, the Corporation would still be getting a share.

    Of course most people don’t get to keep 99% of the fruit of their labor or other creative work.
    But still, he’s hired as an entertainer, to bring revenue to MSNBC of equal (not likely) or greater value to the compensation he receives. Period. Also, that same “yellow dog” contract could be more than just theoretically used to punish the Stagehands, the cameramen, the IT department, the janitors, every man or woman, jack or Jill, in the entire corporation for organizing a union or participating in an already organized union, using THEIR first amendment rights to Free Speech and Freedom Peaceably to Assemble.

    It could also be used by Comcast to make absolutely sure that none of their Cable installers or other workers engage in ANY Political activity not authorized by the company, AND… under the similarly worded agreement in the Comcast Terms of Service/Acceptable Use policy, it would prohibit Comcast CUSTOMERS from using their PAID “free” Speech for any political activity not authorized by the company, at the discretion of the Company.

    It’s a lot farther-reaching than merely an employee not living up to the terms of his contract, in fact, if as a television entertainer he’s a member of the Screen Actors Guild, a very powerful Union, AND his contract was signed under the laws of New York State, or the District of Columbia, or the State of California, then he has a binding UNION contract that supersedes and precedes the contract from Comcast.

    Then there’s the matter of Comcast, NBC, Microsoft et al as Corporate Entities funding the American Nazierrr Royalist errr Fascis… errr “Republican” and “Tea” parties, which brings it right back to “Freedom of Speech, but only for the Very Rich and their Political Lackeys and Minions”.

    KO was hired as an entertainer, not as a “journalist”. The Comcast decision, bought and paid for by the Coward-ass Nazi puke-mongers at FOX News, The Tea Party and the RNC, (“Rich, Not Colored”, others need not apply for representation), the REAL “Axis of Evil” Terrorist Freaks… could silence every entertainer in the NBC network. Tina Fey for instance, could be punished and Blackballed for lampooning Her Royal Satanic Majesty Sarah Palin.

    “Kneel, Peasants, and kiss the boot of Our Corporate Empire, for WE are Mighty!”

  4. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    NBC pretends to be ‘bipartisan’ impartial and fires Democratic Party hero, Keith Olbermann, yet I wouldn’t worry too much about the guy. He’s now firmly entrenched himself as a barnacle/ icon on the side of the Democratic Party ship and his career as clown entertainer for addicted ‘liberal’ DP voters is virtually guaranteed in one form or another.

    Olbermann will simply cement himself yet more to the herd made up of Al Franken, Norman Solomon, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Jon Stewart, Jim Hightower and the many, many others out there, who now together form the comedian sideshow for the Democratic Party fan club cheering squad.

    How they do all miss ol’ Democratic Party Texas hack, Molly Ivins though!

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, it’s on the level of “Lincoln freed the slaves 145 years ago, you don’t own nobody” only MSNBC and Comcast never got the memo. Nor Fox.

    Actually, the final abolition of Slavery WAS in 1865 when the former Confederate states along with Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky and Delaware ratified Emancipation laws.

    If you were saying something about “conspiracy theories”, Tony, which you sometimes do, think this, eh? Would a group as small as the Duopoly of the DNC and RNC being able to exercise almost totalitarian control over the roughly possibility of 200 million voters in the Electorate not be far more convoluted? I didn’t read your comment yet, my apologies but I’m pressed for time right now. If you don’t say it (and sometimes you don’t) then one or more of the Wrong Wing Nuts will.

  6. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    To ask this question in such a nonsensical manner as you do is to show a complete and total lack of knowledge about how the American political system actually functions, Jonah.

    ‘If you were saying something about “conspiracy theories”, Tony, which you sometimes do, think this, eh? Would a group as small as the Duopoly of the DNC and RNC being able to exercise almost totalitarian control over the roughly possibility of 200 million voters in the Electorate not be far more convoluted?’

    What do you mean by a ‘small Duopoly’, as the Democratic and Republican Parties are actually huge organizations funded principally by the entire American business community? That is hardly ‘small’, Jonah. Plus, t is the business community that CONTROLS both political parties through their main share of the funding.

    ‘I didn’t read your comment yet, my apologies but I’m pressed for time right now.’

    Huh? YOU are supposedly pressed for time so you didn’t read a two paragraph comment by me but noticed I had posted something and therefore wrote a ‘reply’ to it. You truly are a numbskull, Oh Brother Jonah.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, yeah yeah… Like the (typical, by the way) Coward Ass Babykilling Republican freak who published the first comment saying that it doesn’t matter, anybody who would dare to offend the Coward Ass Babykilling Republican “conservative” freaks by calling them Coward Ass Babykilling Republican freaks deserves to be punished. And of course its Corporate whore-lords feeling the same way, and having the money and therefore power to punish people for offending them, and obviously DID, makes no difference, anybody pointing out that they did so is obviously “crazy” or “stupid”.

    Neat deflect there, just call names like you’re in kindergarten or something. Doesn’t take away that it happened or that the people who did it have a very strong probability of having exactly those motives or that they did it in precisely that manner.

    But we mustn’t offend your chickenshit TeaBag “friends” must we?

  8. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    You are so tiresome with your loathsome mindset that anybody critical of the Democratic Party somehow is a closet Tea Bagger, Jonah.

    ‘But we mustn’t offend your chickenshit TeaBag “friends” must we?’

    Give it up why don’t you?

  9. You are tiresome with your automatic defense of people who blatantly and openly consider it right to kill people on the bases of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, economic status and/or physical health. Which the Tea Party “patriots” and the Republican party openly state as their intent. If I take note of the fact that the Democratic party in at least one area, Health Care, actually tried to make a difference, I’m somehow “stupid” or ‘crazy” for not joining in the general denunciation of them. That’s really offensive but i’m sure you’ve moved beyond caring about such things, you say often enough that you have and I believe you.

    I’m not going to forget that the very first thing out of the gloating piggish mouth of Boehner was that the Republican Party considers it a mandate to dismantle Health Care and give it back to the Corporate Whore-lords, in full.

    Nor will I forget or neglect to mention that the same republican party screamed and bitched and moaned about Obama not being “bipartisan” as in, not licking their Pig boots, when it was their turn to take an electoral spanking.

    I notice that the Republican and Tea Party and “libert”arian parties stand closest to open fascism as their doctrine, so what? It just happens to be the truth.

    Whether the Leaders of the Democratic party are in sync with the PEOPLE of the Democratic party doesn’t bother you one way or the other, the PEOPLE who believe in compassion, building a better future than what we’ve been handed, are STUPID, according to you, for ever wanting to attempt to do so.

    For daring to even TRY. Shit, Tony, you might as well just strap dynamite to your chest and walk into some public place and detonate it, yourself and any of the “Stupid” people who happen to be nearby.

    I mean, if there’s no difference at all between Americans, what would be the point of doing otherwise?

    On the other hand, i know you to actually give a damn and that you actually do or did at times believe that a difference could be made, in America at large or Colorado Springs in particular, and that you at least on some occasions try to make that difference.

  10. Meanwhile, Olbermann tries to make a difference through his medium, and was threatened with being fired and blacklisted for doing so.

    Our republican “friend” who posted, Gary, pointed out the truth of the matter, that to the republicans it doesn’t matter at all what excuse was used to try to silence Olbermann, he applauded the attempt simply because Olbermann actually did make some difference and that offends the Right Wing or as he calls it by their euphemism for their waste-squander-murder faction, “conservatives”.

    Whether the reason for suspending Olbermann was valid or not didn’t and still doesn’t make any difference to them.

    You might have noticed, Tony, that the Right doesn’t have any tolerance whatever for differences in opinion.
    Even among themselves, far less if people oppose them on any policy. I’ll not apologize for either noticing that or pointing it out.

  11. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    You don’t get it at all, Jonah. That’s what’s so sad about you and the other Democratic Party voter ‘liberals’ of like ilk to yourself. You invent things to hide the truth away from yourselves.

    ‘You are tiresome (Tony) with your automatic defense of people who blatantly and openly consider it right to kill people on the bases of race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, economic status and/or physical health. Which the Tea Party “patriots” and the Republican party openly state as their intent.’

    I never defend the Republican Right Wing and their satellite formation, the tea bagger crew. You simply have to make up the idea that I do! This is so ABSOLUTELY typical of centrist Democrats fake-o radicals who have to maintain the delusion that all attacks on them can only come from the Far Right.

    Leftists who speak out against the Democratic Party are not the enablers of Republicans. We actually want them literally exterminated as a political party. The enablers of the Republicans are the Democratic Party ‘liberal’ politicians, who always go around hugging the Republicans and telling the general population that they want to work together with them to supposedly better America. Go figure it out, Jonah! It simply is not that complicated at all. Heck, even that dolt Eric can half figure it out.

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