Pentagon Pigs got shot at the subway

The news reports are that their injuries aren’t life threatening …too bad. Maybe next time I can easily understand the sentiment, one gets a little tired of the Military Dictatorship. Kind of like two years ago when the Hired Thugs, probably Blackwater but definitely not Air Force S.P.s, threatened to arrest Miss Johnnie for going on base at Peterson to get her I.D. card. You know the one, that says she’s a VietNam war widow... Had the papers from the VA and was told to go to the Administration Building at the nearest military base to get her ID card made.

She was feeling so poorly that day, thought her lymphoma had come back. They wouldn’t let me on base, I wasn’t accompanied by somebody with a Military I.D. Because she hadn’t gotten hers yet, the whole point of the visit.

But the Goons at the Gate let her through, then the Goons at the Administration Building threatened to arrest her.

I wonder what the Arrogant Barf-bags at the Pentagon did to piss somebody off enough to shoot a couple of them.
Not surprised, just wondering which of the vast multitude of possible reasons it could be.

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