CSPD plans to beat down anybody who is angry about being evicted

And expects Catholic Charities and other groups to help them keep others from getting angry about the Projected Beat-Downs, trashing the camps and arresting anybody who objects. PIG ASSHOLES. I bet they’ve got the video cameras ready so they can have some Cop Porn, handcuffed people being beaten and tasered. The scum PIGS get aroused by that.

They consider anybody suggesting that the PEOPLE in the camp resist, maybe put IEDs in their tents and escape, would be “inflammatory” but not the PIG propaganda that the Homeless PEOPLE are somehow Subhuman and not worthy of Human Rights.

It’s also a criminal offense to express any kind of anger about the Projected Pogrom.

And they want Marian House and ESM and others to collaborate with the PIGS on this issue.

Calling it a Pogrom is probably also inflammatory, thus illegal.

Even though it IS a Pogrom.

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