Dear and Esteemed Republicans,

Many of you confidently predicted that the Democratic congressmen would be so terrified of losing the next election, and or suffering physical violence from your Tea-Potty so-called “patriots”.
Aside for the fact that calling those yay-hoos “patriots” would be akin to calling Bush and Cheney “warriors”..
You completely failed to stop Congress from passing a health care bill, placing Doing Right ahead of “protecting their careers”.
Now, you poor deluded bastards are threatening the same thing in reference to other legislative chores, such as confirming a Supreme Court Justice. You’re saying that unless the Democratic Party grants you yet another baby-eating “justice” who is somewhat to the right of Mussolini, you’ll instruct your Douche-Baggers to vote against the Democratic congressmen.

Leave us assume two things, just to make your proposal look enough like one that’s Rational to actually discuss it, M’kay?

First you have to assume that all of the 70 MILLION voters who voted against your ridiculous totalitarian schemes in November 2008 or enough of them to make a difference will refrain from turning out to the polls this time, perhaps because you have us so terrified of you that we’ll refuse to vote and also that we’ll apologize for ever abandoning your “leadership”.

That’s a ridiculous assumption, but it’s only one. The next Ridiculous Assumption is that the Tea-Potty actually belong to you. Which some of your “leaders” (who I personally wouldn’t follow into a whorehouse if they were paying) are worried about.
But let’s assume, again, that ALL the democrats are going to be too terrified to take up your challenge and that ALL of your proposed slavish morons will do the opposite.

One comes then to a Shooter’s Term, one which a few of you might understand as your “Leaders” make a point of swaggering around with firearms as though the ability to purchase a firearm makes one into a Macho Extreme Badass instead of the Pussy Extremist Dumbasses you actually are.

A Fact Check pause before we continue… of the just over 124,000 federal gun licensees in America, the ones who supposedly have all the training necessary, just under 24,000 stolen guns from those licensees. That’s just over 1 in 6.

There are an average of 341,000 firearms stolen every year. In the past 20 years that 7 MILLION guns placed in the hands of people who
a) probably won’t be voting Republican or for that matter Democratic
b) are also probably more skilled than you at the use of such firearms, and certainly more skilled than you at taking them away from you pussies whenever they want one.

To continue…
Some of you might recognize the phrase “Shot your wad”.

Here’s how that works.
Say all the other conditions are met, Liberals not being so angry at being threatened by you jackasses, and instead, being so frightened that we won’t go to the polls and the Tea-Douchers never realizing that they’ve been had and turning their wrath against YOU….

And say that it’s a done deal, thus, that none of those who defied your Royal Imperative and voted their consciences in spite of your threats, won’t be re-elected anyway. At least not this cycle. The only way you would end a good persons career is to kill him. And contrary to your mythology, you’re not superior gunmen and we don’t actually back down to people shooting at us. You’ve somehow confused the habits of Liberals with those of Your ChickenHawk Leaders.

So suddenly the threat of not voting for them because of further non-compliance with your Silly-ass Agenda is hollowed out.You’ve already carried out the threat of having your Retarded Minions vote against Democracy, it didn’t work the first time and can’t possibly work this time.

How would you propose to make a stupid threat like that stick.tell the Democrats that if we all switch votes, and join you in Raping America, you’ll what, graciously allow the Democrats to keep their offices? Thereby ruining your chances of ever having a bulletproof majority of your own.

You guys really ARE a bunch of morons.But hey, you look to Bush and Cheney as being your “leaders” so, I guess that part could be taken for granted anyway.


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Brother Jonah

About Brother Jonah

Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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22 Responses to Dear and Esteemed Republicans,

  1. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Just more of your stupid vulgar rants in favor of the Democratic Party, BJ. Eric Verlo and yourself are simply dumb (the dumbest of!) Democrats pretending to be radicals and that sums it all up. I got run off the blog for not supporting this sort of deadended politics. Eric seems to think that your potty mouth is profound? Says a lot about Eric, too…

  2. Nah, more against the Tea-party and their corporate masters.

    The ones who feel that those of us who are disabled and poor, (the two conditions usually run together) should just simply die. For once the Democratic Congressmen stopped pandering to that attitude. And, they did it in the face of a violent mob intent on frightening not just the Congress but all Americans into allowing their regime back into power.

    The Tea Party might not realize that they were holding the lives of the poor in pawn, or trying to… Maybe. Maybe they CAN plead stupidity on that count.

    Their leaders and handlers can’t. One of those 120 a day that they’ve been steadily killing through their corporate mismanagement of health care was Martha.

    I don’t much talk about her, really damned painful. Martha can’t speak anymore. I can. Maybe the Tea-Party didn’t realize that every one of us their Corporate Masters kill with their death panels has relatives, friends…
    We don’t forget it. Ever. Now they want to try the same failed terror tactics to influence a Supreme Court nomination..

    Perhaps force another Racist Corporate suck on us? It’s their stated purpose, why should I flinch from opposing that agenda, just because the largest group opposing them happens to be the Democratic Party?

    Am I not to stand against one group of really evil bastards simply because the Democratic Party also opposes them?

    The Democrats took a stand, something the Right Wing says they aren’t allowed to do, or us either. Yeah, I’ll encourage that.

    It doesn’t matter who tells me I’m not allowed to speak in favor of a display of political courage on the part of Liberals.

    The Tea-Party and their Fellow Travellers already have the murders of quite a few Americans under their collective belt even not counting the thousands of Dead Soldiers from the war they started for their empire, and not counting the others they killed through not-so-benign neglect.

    Those are ones they killed without firing a shot. Then there’s Brisena Flores, her dad, two people at a church in Knoxville, another at a museum in Washington, Bill Sparkman in Kentucky. The ones they DID kill through direct violence.

    If not for Liberals standing up to them they would surely have killed more.

    Now, and I have to repeat myself because there are many who won’t get it on the first pass-through, they’re threatening widespread violence if they’re not given free rein to reign over us as they see fit.

    At what point does standing against that become “not sufficiently radical” or whatever label temporarily applies, “too liberal” perhaps?
    Labels are for boxes.
    You can’t fit people into little boxes without first breaking the boxes, the people, or both.

    Other than that, great hearing from you.
    And good that you still give a damn. There’s plenty enough who don’t.

    Peace up, man.

  3. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Leaving aside your potty mouthed style of writing, Jonah, which I find to significantly make your writing even more offensive than it ever should be, your politics are just plain simple liberal Democrat, lost-in-the-past bad. In these times supporting the DP is particularly backward and reactionary, because the country simply needs a drastic change away from Corporate Democrats and Corporate Republicans running this country together in tandem, and you and Eric, in your writings, are both still locked into just playing the phony 2 party game of calling Republicans names, while pushing for DP policies on the not so sly.

    Here is just your latest example of what I am talking about…

    ‘why should I flinch from opposing that agenda (of the Tea Party Far Right people), just because the largest group opposing them happens to be the Democratic Party?
    Am I not to stand against one group of really evil bastards simply because the Democratic Party also opposes them?’

    Good question, but…. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong, Jonah. The Democratic Party doesn’t actually oppose the Tea Party Far Right and you are simply plain out mistaken about thinking that they do! The Democratic Party actually provokes these people into action, it coddles them, and then gives them fuel to grow. When all you can do is growl and howl about Tea Party folk, you are simply lost in space with your commentaries. YOu are not really being any opposition to them at all!

    When you support the Democratic party, as you and Eric back-handedly are, you are just sticking yourself deep into the mud and filth of the pretend 2-party charade ‘democracy’ we Americans have been forced to contend with. You are no real opposition to the Far Right, but a sad mirror image of them in fact. That’s what liberal Democrats like yourself have been reducing yourselves down to. Acting just as they do!

    You and I have no beef about you being able to write your nonsense online, Jonah. All I ever wanted from you was for you to stop talking potty mouth all the time, calling people ‘Douche bags’ and such every other sentence. But Eric says that that is ever so ‘profound’ and refused to act to ask you to clean up your act some.

    Your inane and inept political stances are so ordinary that almost anybody could deconstruct them for being slow and fraudulently bad in about two seconds flat. But Eric wouldn’t allow that either, since he shares your pro Democratic Party POV. Says that your writings can’t be criticized and started removing my posts when I said what I think about them. He, like you, just don’t get the reality that the Democrats are the problem as much as the Republicans are. So off the blog my writings in contradiction to you went!

    Both of you are like a bowl of half set jello and will say that the DP is wrong about their policies one second, and will be shilling for them the next! Very sad sack stuff… Couldn’t say that though, not with Eric dictating! He wants the blog to look as pathetic as it has now devolved down to, with basically only constant growling at Tea Baggers and prominent local Republicans put online. And he is a total control freak. He lovess you calling people he opposes ‘douche bags’, ‘tea potty’ and ‘Pussy Extremist Dumbasses’. He thinks you clever and cute for doing so.

    You two are the actual dumbasses though. Eric simply can’t handle any real criticism of the stupid direction he allowed you to take this blog, so he started removing my comments about it. I haven’t a doubt that if I began to write again in the same vein on the comment section that exactly the same actions would once again be done to my writings by him. He’s just exactly that sort of guy. He simply removes criticisms of his sorry pro-Democratic Party stances offline. He removes anything I say against your name potty style of calling people ‘pussies’ et al, too. Not allowed to say (on HIS blog) that you are a numbskull for calling others numbskulls! It was as simple as that.

  4. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Funny, the Liberal Democrats think I’m a Radical. Go figure.
    Here i’m conserving my shots, my ammunition being limited to how many hours are in the day divided by how many I can spend reading and then writing (I have to do it in that order) as opposed to how many hours I have to spend procuring groceries’, fixing computers, going to Socialized Medicine paid doctors and therapy, and when I have my infamous really bad dizzy spells laying down, hopefully not on the floor, staring at the ceiling wishing I could actually move.

    As to the Tea Party being my favorite targets, they ARE the ones who insist that I and You and anybody else they consider inferior or worthless or dangerous or d) all of the above should just F.O.A.D.

    You’re name and my name might not always be on the written invitation to do so, but we as a class all are.
    And, since they make absolutely NO distinction between a Liberal or an Anarchist or a Communist or a Jihadi or differences between Arab and Afghan and Persian, we’re all alike to their eyes. I know this because I pay attention to what they say. It’s hard, you know, some of their thought processes are painfully slow.

    Yeah, I KNOW health care reform is crippled and badly compromised. That last word works two ways. mostly because the Democrats tried to reach out to the unreachable, actually tried for “bapartisanship” with a party which condemns everybody to the left of Attila the Hun as being “liberaljihidianarchofascistcommiefagjewboyniggerlover” and quite loudly deem us worthy of death, or at least long prison sentences with the occasional visit to the torture center.

    If I happen to be in a “fellow traveler” position with any of the other groups they love to hate, and threaten, and sometimes kill, so be it.

    You know me well enough to know that I can’t fit into any group. Never have been able. Conformism is a vague word in my vocabulary.

    As to ‘Potty mouth” I consider death threats directed to me as an individual or us as a group, whichever “us” happen to be in their crosshairs at the time, to be far more obscene than any profane insults I can throw back their direction.

    I’ve faced the one-eyed stare of the literal Fascist Gun before for my beliefs and my words and for the color of my skin and hair. Probably will again. If that’s not enough paying of Radical Dues, groovy. I’ll still be me. And it will continue to piss off all the right people, and even, sometimes, people who think I should be more in tune with their own political views. So what?

    and some will literally snipe at me. Some will insult me. Again, so what? They do the same to you.

    Eventually we might face the same firing squad. At that point it won’t matter which is a poseur or if either actually is.
    I hope not, pero existe la posibilidad, no? Not too keen on the idea of being shot, it’s the one injury I haven’t had yet and as I understand it sucks.

    And again, the threats of shooting come from the right, not the left. So far. And I never considered the name “Liberal” to be an insult, although some consider it such. If I have to fight again it won’t be because the Other Person is a “Liberal”.

    By the way, Eric has never spoken a word of condemnation against you either, at least not that I’ve heard.

  5. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    I’m sorry, Jonah. I just don’t buy your political support for the Democratic Party, nor the same from Eric either. You guys spend all your time attacking the Republican Far Right and that is utterly missing what’s going on. Your rationales for doing so are utterly lame and wrong, too. Let’s look at just the health care issue for only one of many examples. Here you talk and it is a pile of utter baloney!

    ‘Yeah, I KNOW health care reform is crippled and badly compromised. That last word works two ways. mostly because the Democrats tried to reach out to the unreachable, actually tried for “bapartisanship” with a party which condemns everybody to the left of Attila the Hun as being “liberaljihidianarchofascistcommiefagjewboyniggerlover” and quite loudly deem us worthy of death, or at least long prison sentences with the occasional visit to the torture center.’

    Wrong, Jonah! The Democrats didn’t try ‘mistakenly’ to reach out to get Republicans on board a real reform, since they never wanted to do a real reform anyway (beyond a very few of them perhaps?) What they wanted was a maintenance of the medical care by insurance system, and that’s just precisely what they proposed. Why? Because they represent corporate interests just as much as the Republicans do. But you don’t get that reality, now do you? Instead you start on just against the Republicans with your silliness about them wanting to kill you and torture you and blah, blah, blah. You make yourself and Eric look like clowns, and it is as simple as that. You are ultraLeft (in your blah, blah, blah), Democratic Party voting clowns. Don’t believe it? Then look at the latest posting of Eric in clown suit. I got tired of being in the circus with you clowns, especially with you ranting potty mouth against people you call ‘douchebags’ and ‘pussies’ all the time’. It’s just too, too stupid for me with that sort of crap always being online with this circus blog.

  6. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    you know, of course, that I’m going to answer with an anecdote.
    Back about ’85 or so I was still getting high. A really stupid practice that kept me back a lot. Some people can get a little bit high, use it as a consciousness tool and actually gain some benefit, or so I’ve heard. Just, you know, not me.

    But I was getting what’s appropriately known as “wasted” with some Headbangers, you know, Heavy Metal Rock Fans.

    One of them made a comment about a fairly new rock band called Bon Jovi, to the effect that they weren’t REAL Heavy Metal because “they’re not Satanic enough”.

    So, how Satanic does one have to be before one is Satanic “enough”? I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.
    But some others might not, so I have to take it all the way.

    You see, the ones who decide who is or is not a “radical” aren’t the ones so designated. Likewise those who decide who is or is not a Liberal, usually.

    There’s no Anarchist Central Committee, for instance. No governing board who decide who is or is not a nonconformist.

    The ones who sling the term “radical” most often, are the ones who would define anybody who doesn’t follow their narrow minded bigoted system of thought and behavior, as being “radical” or their newest “IslamoFascist” or “liberal Fascist” or whatever really stupid quick-slogan type description they can use.

    They’re easily impressed and they call any of us, me, Eric, Barack Obama, you, my Grandma, “radical”. You might remember when they jumped us at a parade 3 years ago. Not EVEN a “radical” action, just marching in a parade with signs that say that peace is better than war.

    They’re the only ones who I would even consider being worried about them defining me as a “radical” because when they become frightened, in large groups, they can be hazardous. I’m not really concerned if somebody else who is defined as a Radical or Anarchist or Pinko or Commie or what-the-hell-ever describes me as being not Radical enough.

    You know why we never hear of a “Radical Heirarchy” or a “Radical Agenda” from other “radicals”? It’s because such structures don’t exist except in the propaganda against peace, against a just and righteous society, usually in the employ of people who make a large substantial profit from injustice and war. Like that goofball propagandist Bob “Gunny” Newman declaring the QUAKERS to be terrorists.

    Now, I could define him as being “radical”, just not very far to the left. And judging by his audience I can see where his brand of crap is effective as far as mobilizing his constituency and convincing a large group of really foolish people.

    Would that be effective communication and would it be Satanic enough?

  7. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    You hear me calling you not radical enough, but that’s not it at all, Jonah. I have simply two beefs with your writings.

    First- You simply use too much senseless vulgarity in your commentaries and that makes you look more like some sort of street varmint, rather than impressing anyone. In fact, it makes you look demented.

    Second- All the time you (and Eric, too) simply are defending half the political hacks who cause American society so much distress. You are defending the Democratic Party half of the bipartisan Corporate Government, as you wail away non-stop against a few Rightist morons who this corporate party, the Democrats, have used to distract your attention away from them with.

    Contrary to your belief, the rabble Republican Right are simply one symptom and not the major cause of America heading the entire Planet down the drain. As you scream and holler the loudest (and most vulgarest) at them, you sum up most all that the Democratic Party is doing in a positive manner, even as millions of other Americans are beginning to rightfully see them as Republicans Lite.

    Look! I am not in a contest with you to see who is more radical than who? I simply am not a potty mouthed Democratic Party shill, and I don’t particularly want to be quiet when I am around one. Especially when I am around ones as loud, vulgar, and off base as you and Eric have become.

    I am going to stop writing any more about my opinion of you two at this point, and you can go once again about your business of attacking Republicans nonstop. Eric simply wanted your potty mouthed, hate the Republicans schtick to dominate Not My Tribe, and now it has. Most of the real world seems to just be passing you two by and you are still locked into Bush-Cheney smashing. Too bad. And goodbye. I have seen Eric wreck two blogs now, and one Peace group. I’ve seen enough already.

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    See, I’m not morally required to be an attack dog for the Republicans. They already have a pack of snarling chihuahuas working for them, unlike me very well funded, organized and for what purpose exactly? Oh, yeah, that’s right, attacking the Democratic Party for the policies of inclusiveness, for not being rabidly Anti-Poor, anti-Immigrant, anti-health care and for not giving the entire treasury, including but not limited to Social Security, over to the Corporate thieves who also back the Republican party.

    These enraged Lapdogs are called the “Tea Party” and they have an insane policy of attacking people like for instance ME for not being rich but still daring to exist in “their” country. Do I really need to add to their chorus of Lies and Bigotry? No, I do not.

    Since they’re the loudest and most hate-filled group operating here locally and on the national scene, I focus more on them and their Corporate and political Masters in the Former, yet extant, Bush Regime.

    The ones who PROMISE to give all public funds and all Public energies over to the Richest bastards in the world. The ones who PROMISE to make Racial Profiling the law of the land.

    The ones who PROMISE to deny health care to anybody not wealthy enough to afford buying into their system.
    The ones who PROMISE to rescind every Indian Treaty and re-write new ones stripping the tribes of any sovereign status and ownership of tribal lands.

    And have not only been promising to do all that for the past 3 decades but also actually doing it.

    Led by people who left the Democratic Party over the issues of Civil Rights. They’re very well organized and funded, and have plenty of attack poodles, I don’t have any moral requirement to join them in their attacks.

    Since the Republican party are the ones who are funding and organizing a Hate-Filled racist lynch mob across the country, why should I not mention that fact?

    Since the Democratic Party is for once standing up to their Large Herd of Jackasses, who incidentally make threats of and sometimes carry out those threats of, Physical Violence against Americans who oppose their Jackass Racist Policies, why would I be morally required to refrain saying anything at all positive about the intended targets of the Republican Led Lynch Mob?

    Their main complaint seems to be that the Democratic Party isn’t giving their Corporate Thief and Police State leadership more money and more power, why NOT focus on that?
    Secondary to that complaint is their retarded assertion that helping out the victims of that policy of Give Everything To The Rich is somehow Tyranny.

    Am I morally required to not engage that, to turn from speaking or more importantly, writing about it? To do what, exactly? Oh, yeah, condemn the same people the Tea Party condemns. I believe I’ll pass on that.

  9. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Yes, you should be attacking the party of more War in Afghanistan and Iraq, Jonah. You should be attacking a party that just threatened to use nuclear weapons on Iran and starting a new Holocaust. You should be attacking the party that gave trillions of dollars of public tax monies away to the super rich and called that a ‘bailout’. Meanwhile they have done next to nothing for the working poor, many now without jobs. You should be attacking a party that just rigged it up so that insurance companies got a new boost of energy to keep on screwing up the US Health Care System yet more- but instead you go along and play like it was a big reform for those who still will remain underinsured, but this time will be required LEGALLY to be paying for the defective medical care they will continue to be getting! Some will remain just totally without insurance still.

    Just because there is a group of stupider than thou rabble that rabidly growls and snarls about socialism and a Black man being president all the time, doesn’t mean that you have to pretend that the Democrats are all wonderful, and to do and say nothing about the fraud the Democrats are. To praise them and suck up to them as you are doing, Jonah.

    Besides, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are in there running the system and working in cahoots with each other, so it is being a pure simpleton to not acknowledge that basic reality. Are you a simpleton, Jonah? Actually, are you and Eric both simpletons?

    I think that you both have proven yourselves to be just that.

    Jonah speaks… ‘Am I morally required to not engage that, to turn from speaking or more importantly, writing about it? To do what, exactly? Oh, yeah, condemn the same people the Tea Party condemns. I believe I’ll pass on that.’

    Yes, you are simpletons. Too stupid to both be against the Democratic Party policies and the Tea Party people at one and the same time.

  10. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    So if I can’t get them all at once I’m not supposed to try for ANY of them? The Tea/Republican Party are intent on imploding, that’s the whole theme of the original post.
    I’ll help them along. They ARE a very dangerous cartel and a political victory for them would be a massive setback for any aspect of peace, or social justice. It would be a green light for them to shut the doors on whatever progress could be made or already has been made.

    I’ll aim for the ones who are openly racist, openly Police State, openly War.

    Right now, the Republican/Tea Party are the ones who loudly claim “credit” for the war, for the so-called “patriot” act, for extraordinary rendition and torture and for blocking recognition of equal rights for social groups who don’t fit into their very narrow definition of American.

    That’s kind of a signed confession on their parts, as the War gets more and more very ugly exposure.

    Perhaps it’s a pleasant reverie to believe they might be presented with a bill for the damages they’ve done. Maybe not. Maybe prosecution of the worst offenders IS possible.

    Meanwhile, there was, if not a huge and perfect victory for the people with the passage of the health care bill, it was a huge defeat for some of the most violently hateful groups in America.
    Not perfect, but a good start. And I can see where it WILL, not merely can possibly, affect the anti-war front.

    So, I’ll direct most of my efforts toward one group.

    Perfection would be ending the war, bringing health care to everybody who needs it, ending world hunger, a cure for every disease… but that’s perfection. If we can’t achieve all of it at one whack, are we to not even TRY to chip away at the Beast? Very idealistic to think we can bring everything about at once.

  11. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    ‘Very idealistic to think we can bring everything about at once.’

    Oh brother, Jonah! I’m not blaming the Democrats for ‘not bringing everything about at once’, but I am blaming them because they are rotten imperialists and anti- the American people, same as the Republicans are. You as a liberal dupe that votes each and every time for the Democratic Party, are simply with a total blind spot the size of an elephant regarding this though.

    You inflate the threat from the Far Right crowd that is phobic about all that is not like themselves, and give the corporate rich running the Democratic Party a nice free pass as if they are of no account as a danger to you and others. Apparently you have totally forgotten just what political party sent you to Vietnam and messed you up nice and good as they did? Sad… You have never even figured it out to begin with, in fact! Now have you?

    You actually still look to the Democratic Party to bring you change and hope and all that blather, don’t you, Pal. So does Marie and Eric, too. Dummies United for The Democratic Party-NMT… Well so do a whole shit load of other liberal fools out there alongside of yourselves. Dopes for the DP Galore!

    Got news for you though. Your ship simply is not going to sail. It’s not going to sail no matter how many times you scream vulgarities and make fun of the fringe Republicans as you personally are overly prone to constantly do. Go ahead, call out Douchebags!, Douchebags! over and over again, Make yourselves into the biggest group of Colorado Springs jackasses around for all I care.

    Your Democratic Party brought change towards the better is neither going to come ‘all at once’ nor in tiny little microscopic increments slobbering all about how the Democrats are good people and the Republicans want to kill and torture you and spit on your Donkey Flag. Go ahead, Eric, though! Turn your blog into yet another silly little local yokel group of screaming Democrats. Go ahead. You’re already there, in fact.

    Use constant vulgarity, too. Your BJ is good at that, aren’t you, Jonah? His specialty, Eric! Let him rabidly bray all he wants! You guys simply make me want to cry. Instead of moving to create some group of real activists not totally locked down to donkey politics in Colorado Springs, all Eric has had you doing is making yourselves into the most idiotic one of them around. Congrats, Eric… And the most nauseatingly vulgar of the DP assgroups, too. The J&P has nothing on you twerps. Nothing at all. Good work, Eric.

  12. Avatar jeb says:

    You’re full of shit Tony. Are you unembarrassed to presume to give Jonah a lesson in manners? A potty mouth is better than one spewing venom.

  13. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    ‘Jeb’, aren’t you just another tired Democratic Party voter claiming to be opposed to mere ‘venom’ here? I think that you are lying about that being your real issue though.

    Actually, the supposed ‘venom’ is really anybody mentioning that you Democrats are completely off track and in league with the Republicans, and not really opposed to them, isn’t it? Tell the truth, Jeb.

    And besides, the guy whose potty mouth you are defending is the nonstop practitioner of venom. If I talked to you like he does in his vitriolic commentaries I would be calling you a pussy now, wouldn’t I? Or douche bag…

    It’s you phony liberals voting Democrat all the time that are the ones really full of shit. So tell us how you voted last election, Jeb? Go ahead, since you jumped right in supporting ‘bad manners’, and … the stupid politics of Democratic Party stuck fools.

  14. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Oh, one other thing, Jeb, Eric, and Jonah. Contrast Jonah’s toilet mouth comments to how Medea Benjamin deals with the Tea Party folk that are coming to DC for a rally. You can read about it on today.

    She’s going out there with Peace Movement folk to talk to them about US militarism and where their (and our) tax dollars are all really being spent??? She’s not out there to call these folks douche bags and pussies and all the other bs names that Jonah comes up with in continuous nonstop stream with total approval from you, Eric.

    Compare yourselves to Benjamin, Eric. Not a pretty picture contrating you guys with her tact, is it?

    I wonder if Eric can really defend either his pro DP fluff or the trash talk vulgarity he allows people like Jonah and Thomas MC to throw online using his little blog? Eric, you are awful quiet out there, Dude. What gives?

    Oh I sure miss MC calling Jews Nazis all the time. The only guy that could ever make even Jonah seem like Mr Clean! You want his Jews are Nazis stuff to be published once again, I’m sure. Call him up, Eric. Tell him that you got rid of me for having offended him by saying that calling Jews Nazis in every other breath isn’t really all that smart, nor very decent. Go ahead, Eric. That’s your type of stuff! Get him back and you can have BJ and MC both trash talking online at the same time! Whoopppeeeee!

  15. Avatar Joellen Aune says:


  16. Avatar patchsl says:

    Dear Pilarerecto;

    Better be less rational and effective in your criticisms, or the NMT Stasi will censor your comments like they have done mine…

    Not enough to keep me quiet though…

    So many IPs, so little time…

  17. yes, it’s terrible how badly censored you are. My, you certainly do have a victim mentality about yourself.

    Now, I COULD use that line of “reasoning” and demand that my thoughts be expressed free of charge on other media, say, DumFox Noise Nutwerks. Maybe the Gag-zette.

    Or not. They have their nasty little faux-elite agenda to pursue, and their backers are paying a lot of money to keep them afloat, despite their not actually being commercial successes.

    For people who “aren’t relevant” to your Masters or Accomplices, we sure do draw your attention. Maybe you’re in love with me, I could see the reasoning behind that, I mean, I AM a handsome fellow, charming, witty, dashing in all my ways and above all else exceedingly modest.

    However I have a strict policy of never dating outside my species.

    I’m flattered, but you’re wasting your time.

    Aside from that, you seem to have a miserable little existence and you seemingly export that misery to everyone foolish enough to get entangled in what you call your “life”.

    So, did the Gag-zette and Pioneer stop accepting your hate-speech opinions? I would have thought they matched yours so closely they’d never tire of it.

  18. Avatar patchsl says:

    Dear BJ;

    You have one thing right – I do love you as a Brother in Christ, but I hate the bile and venom you spew against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your advocacy for a political model that history has shown, repeatedly, to be an abject failure.

    By your rants and raves, you seem to want others to wallow in the mud with you and lose focus on the issue – Capitalism is KING – for people to want to work for something, they have to have some “skin” in the game, they have to gain something from their efforts… or they become leeches… like you… living off the fruits of others’ labor… how sad, very sad… and angry you are…

  19. Avatar Bunny says:

    Interesting..i don’t necessarily support the Democratic party, , i spend a hheheheheheeeelllofalot of time Bashing the feck out of Republicans…because i watched the current housing debacle/Ponzi Scheme spearheaded by Republicans which unfolded over 8 years.

    Not surpisingly Goldmans Sachs, the same people behind the mexican peso crash, and more recently crashing greece’s economy…. A republican favorite was behind the credit default swaps…and not surprisingly
    Bush put Paulson (had been CEO of Goldman Sachs in 2004 when they were engineered) in as treasury secretary..

    This is the guy that threatened Congress behind closed doors after the SHTF…and they could not keep the plates spinning on the sticks long enough to hand the whole pile of crap to Obama.

    Basically the Republicans are a party of Theives, Liars and TERRORISTS..i have watched them and their religious freaks pound the country with decade after decade of Ponzi Schemes and ass-raping the economy (S&L Scandal-neil bush, Long Term Capital Management and a host of others like Enron), creating BOGUS WARS for profit…

    Capitalism is a piece of crap..
    It is the flip side of socialism.
    Basically it is the side where the government takes money from the landless peasants to funnel into the pockets of Big Corporations like Halliburton, Goldman Sachs, Northrup Grumman, UNOCAL (the real reason for Afghanistan).
    Wall street has been on welfare for 40 years now.

    They privatize the profits and socialize the risks…that is “capitalism” spawned from the white knuckled freaks called puritans that landed on these shores…Bankers and wall street have been living off the working class for THE LAST FOUR DECADES..

    My soluition?
    You don’t want to know.

  20. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    My thought is that in the R party it’s considered acceptable to Bash the Poor. Of every race, really. The only time they make race itself an issue is when they’re dividing the people who would otherwise be forcing them behind tall walls, iron gates and heavily armed (working class) guards for fear of Street Justice.

    Whereas in the D party, there’s more accommodation for race and class differences.

    The D’s have to “press the flesh of the Great Unwashed” daily just to survive. The R’s only do it just before an election.

    At the top levels, the Executive Class levels, they’re sometimes indistinguishable. It’s at street level where you see the differences.

    I don’t look at it as the Democrats having infiltrated Anarchism or Socialism or Civil Rights. The exact opposite. Maybe it’s because the opportunities for a Social Justice activist to rise to any significance, even locally, in the Republican party are non-existent.

  21. Avatar Bunny says:

    Yeah, i understand they are both ESTABLISHMENT-corporatocracy which sprang up around the central bank- owned. Most people thought that the democratic party would be easier to turn towards the cause of the people than republicans…but i think the only solution is a bastille party/ organization aimed at eliminating the fortune five hundred shareholders and ceos..

    Have you read American Fascist, or Republican Gomorrah? Enlightening stuff.
    They used the fundamentalist right to consolidate empire. It is sickening.

    I was reading a book i picked up about the afterlife by a christian publishuing house which mentioned God as the “CEO of the universe” which point, sickened, i stopped reading.

    then there was the scumsucking preacher i heard on the radio the other day saying that low and middle income christian americans were not paying their taxes…and saying how they were not doing their christian duty..i came close to throwing up when i heard this.

    Wall street just scammed the american taxpayer out of several trillion dollars…but it is a duty to pay taxes?

    American Fascist is particularly good at describing how low income people, who live from crisis to crisis perpetuated by these evil despicable slime, can be gulled into believing it is their christian duty to support the genocide and arms trade abroad, support the out of control government siphoning their money into corporate is SPIRITUAL RAPE.

    And that is what republicans do.
    The democrats are just enablers.

  22. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    There’s one thing that I hadn’t heard since Nixon was president, that tenants don’t pay property taxes, therefore the kids of the homeowners wore entitled to public school, but not the tenants.

    And there’s the ugly twist to that the Tenants who fought for the Rich in the revolution were at first denied even the vote. But Tenants DO pay property tax, filtered through the Landlords. The taxes on Rental Properties are higher than for Owner Occupied housing, with the added bonus of an equally filtered Income Tax being paid, because it’s income generating property.

    But that particularly nasty lying rumor has resurfaced. I wouldn’t mind finding out who’s brought it back. Like Claude Raines said, “Round up the usual suspects”.

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