Debacle on Ice!!!

So, since the “Miracle on Ice” way back when, the One time out of oh, let’s see, ALL the times the U.S. played hockey in the Olympics, that they won a gold, against the Soviets, somehow proved that Capitalism was better than communism…
I guess this loss to Canada is positive proof that the Canadian Subsidized (socialized) Medicine must be superior to that of the U.S.
Oh, and the times the U.S. LOST to the Soviets, it’s because the Soviets cheated. Like Munich, 72, Soviets took the gold in basketball and the Americans refused to take the silver. My opinion is that the basketball team from that game were and still are crybaby sore losers. It’s GAMES, people… Things Normal People would do for amusement, get a little exercise, and most important, teach the kiddoes about how to be Good Sports. Like going on a 38 year crying binge for losing a Basketball game.

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