Deficit truths meet truth deficiency

So, I heard different stories when I was a kid, then started to research them later, about what pulled America out of the Great Depression. One theory was that the “Alphabet Administration” With the REA, TVA, CCC, WPA etc pulled America out through deficit spending, but spending built on BUILDING America up. Not in any way “make work” projects, but shifting the workers, idled by the Great Capitalist Enterprise going through one of its “periodic adjustments” (Nice how Humans are demoted by their sufferings, travails, tribulations and even snuffed out lives reduced to “Adjustments” in the wealth of the Wealthiest) into building their own wealth, and the wealth of the nation, and even shoring up the Wealth of the Wealthiest… and the other theory was the spending on World War 2.

Which, as it turns out, was even MORE massive deficit spending. Just that the deficit was hidden by floating bonds rather than Taxes. Bonds are like Taxes on which the people pay interest. A difference in paying 10 dollars all at once or 15 over the long run. Since the War produced actually NOTHING, the weapons bought were sold later as Surplus, scrap metal… the lives lost were permanently lost, the explosives exploded, the fuel spent. The buildings and societies rebuilt, sure, that gave money to the people who rebuilt them… but it’s deficit spending. Twice. The first deficit would be in Destroying them. That cost money, and lives. And rebuilding what was destroyed is money that would be otherwise invested in actual growth, had it not been for the societies and structure and infrastructure being destroyed in the first place.

So the combined deficits for the World War lasted more than twice as long and cost 10 times as much as the “deficit” spending that was True Investment, building up America.

The war retarded the recovery, not enhanced or accelerated it.

It didn’t help at all that Massive Military spending in the non-existent Peace-time, with not a day going by without American Military being involved in hostilities somewhere in the world… the huge amounts of firepower, expensive firepower, poured onto North Korea and VietNam and Afghanistan and Iraq…

Out”guns” the Butter by staggering ratios. Yet it’s “Social Spending” that gets the blame for the current economy. 30 years of non-stop unregulated “free” marketeering on the part of the Republican (mostly, but only because the D party inherited the poor people… the D’s have the people and the R’s have the money) which could be interpreted to be a massive failure of Capitalism… is instead blamed on Socialism and Over-regulation. Have a nice Enron.

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