Dr Laura quitting in order to take higher paying job…

“Professional Victim”. Now all she and her accomplices like local Heroin (she’s a Dope) Michelle Malkin have to do is scream that they’re Demonized by the Right Wing “liberal” MSM because the liberal MSM didn’t do a good enough job of suppressing the controversy over Ms Laura’s constant racial and religious and sexual bigotry.
And they’ll get a lot of Really Stupid FOX listeners to send her chunks of their “Keep your government hands off my” Social Security checks. Way To GO, Laura! And Ms Malkin and Ms Coulter!! You’ll once more be able to make huge profits by claiming to be Victimized! Incidentally, I use the title “Ms” because all three of them rail against it. TFB, babes, TFB. The letters at the ends stand for “too” and “bad”.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Dr Laura quitting in order to take higher paying job…

  1. Avatar Alex says:

    Lol you said professional victim, well if shes quitting now she’ll have all the time to bid and win penny auctions.

  2. ROFLMAO! She’s got her own more established Pyramid Scheme Fraud, that depends on an ever-increasing number of hate-filled people actually having enough money to put it into her account.

    Not to worry, though, that scheme reaches its maximum limit of suckers fairly quickly. On the other hand, she’s got the backing of Multi-billion corporations who collectively control between 80 and 95 percent of the worlds wealth and want to make that arrangement permanent. Through perpetual warfare.

  3. So, Alex, your linked name pulls up a Go-Daddy site parking your domain. Something about penny auction secrets?

    The fact that they’re ripoffs isn’t a secret, but here’s my question, was your site shilling for them? There have been a few others who posted a similar link offering to teach people the secrets of “winning auctions”.

    That too isn’t a secret, in a Non-Rigged auction you simply get in the highest bid before the auction closes.

    Now, not saying that’s the case with your site, it IS parked and I’d have to google it, through their “memory hole eliminator” Wayback Machine, aka their huge store of cached stuff that got deleted off the regular internet.

    But if your site promised that people could learn the “secrets” of rigging auctions, that would mean the auctions are, in fact, rigged. Many of the others pretty much admit it.

    Nice of them to come right out and tell people that they in fact do rob them.

    Something Michelle Malkin and Dr Laura and the other Professional Liars Like Local Zero-hero Gunny Bob refuse to do.

    Not refuse to lie steal and murder… just refusing to come clean about it.

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