E-Coli testing to rise, say regulators

Or, to be more precise, they’re “considering” broadening the testing. Yeah, wonderful dichotomy in the previous sentence, being more precise by stating the vague phrases.

“Regulators” is kind of a nonsense job description too. Since their powers have steadily declined from the last two years of the Carter administration. The stink raised about Single Payer Health Coverage, which didn’t even pass, is no doubt going to cloud this issue as well. Already we have some Female in Denver screaming that Obamacare, not even implemented yet, is causing the trillion dollar deficit. As many have pointed out, the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress haven’t actually DONE anything yet.

Meanwhile, E-Coli, once only seen in poorly slaughtered and butchered animal remains, then not burnt up enough while cooking, is now turning up in Peanut products, lettuce, tomatoes, chili peppers, vegetable kingdom organisms that aren’t natively susceptible to E-Coli or Salmonella (also increasing the same way).

Saving money on health care by actually PREVENTING massive outbreaks of food-related diseases is going to be called “Bolshevik attempts to take over America”, look for it at a Tea Party or many more soon.

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