Faulkner is crazy, the people who encourage such are just plain evil

And just why does an idiot like that get to own guns unsupervised? His “friends” are encouraging others to have a hand at it.
I don’t know why I missed this the first go-round.
Must be the novocaine from the tooth extraction wearing off.
Greeley, Colorado. Ahem. “Balloon Boy” anyone? Not that they could enlist the governments of Pakistan and the United States in this, but some “reality show” producers might see or have seen a profit margin in promoting this story. Now with a call to arms from his equally goofball friends and family, they’re almost guaranteed a steady stream of dumbasses who can each afford a gun and a plane ticket to Pakistan to try to jump on the bandwagon.
Maybe, too, the Yankee Gubmint done seen the light, and have found a way to “hunt for bin Laden” without using any expensive Predator Drones or any kind of other gear or personnel. Wouldn’t bother bin Laden much either, even if he IS still alive. How the HELL would Faulkner even know if he was aiming at the right Ay-Rab?
The FBI doesn’t even know what he would look like. They FAKED an age progression picture on us that used the face of a Spanish Member of Parliament. Nobody IN AMERICA noticed the fraud, somebody in Spain did

But, hey, all them thar Swarthy Mediterrannean types looks alike.

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