Federal HHS say government efforts haven’t decreased Juvenile Obesity

Probably because the Corporate shadow-government have spent thousands of times advertising Over Consumption, sedentary lifestyle choices (commercials which say to the kids “No, don’t turn off the TV and go outside, you’ll miss our Crap Entertainment and most importantly, you won’t see as many of our Corporate Consumerism Indoctrination errrr “Commercials” yeah, that’s the ticket”) Drive or ride in Cars instead of riding your bicycle, or worse yet, WALKING. One commercial campaign, for the “eating good in the neighborhood” Applebees restaurant chain, shows people driving Gas Guzzlers, SUVs with single occupants, to the “neighborhood” restaurant to buy their overpriced nutritionally deficient Fat Food.
McDonalds, who have a rule that you can’t ride a bicycle through the drive through “for safety” but you CAN ride a motorcycle through, Sonic, and all the car ads that tell the kids that not riding in a Big Car equals Not Cool. It’s a case where the Corporate Government, the ones who are supposed to be that much intellectually and morally superior to a Democratic Government or Republican or any other term that has Real People as the root word instead of the Corporatians-as-persons legal fiction shows its Collective Arse.

That and the Corporations directly rule the nations that have the most Starvation in them. Another argument against giving them complete “free” market deregulated reign over everybody. Obesity in America, overconsumption by the Very Richest, DOES cause poverty and DOES cause the destabilization of the poorer nations, to the point that an Earthquake in a Corporate Victim state like Haiti can cause unthinkable devastation.

The health problems of Obesity and Malnutrition and outright Starvation are hand-in-glove tied together.

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