Flying Rabbis part 2 -al Qa’eda has won

So they diverted a flight, at the cost of millions of dollars at the very least, now there’s another multi-million dollar investigation ongoing… over Stupid People freaking out because some Middle Eastern “Arab” was praying on board. And, as the title bluntly suggests, not only was it Racist (or the New Way of hiding Racism “culture clash”) everybody-must-fear-the-Different-one mentality in action, it turns out the kid who was praying was in fact a Hassid.

As in… Hassidic Jew. See, that’s the reason no new 9/11 had to occur. al Qa’eda, whoever they are, merely have to “put on the Gorilla Mask” (guerrilla?) and the supposedly World’s Only Superpower quakes in its collective boots. Trick some fools into saying they’ll blow up the Sears tower and put poison in salt-shakers, the FBI Terrorist operative actually had to buy them SHOES… have another fool light his panties on fire.

What happens next is another Shoney’s Truck Stop scare where some poor sap or saps gets the entire resources of the southeastern district of the FBI, CIA, DHS. ICE, DoD and three librarians and a dogcatcher thrown in for good measure… on a Massive Amber Alert style manhunt.

Only this time they’ll probably kill the poor bastards. The monsters are due on Elmstreet (must have coffee) any time now. The American Great Empire has now fallen, all that’s left is for some Dip-shit truck stop waitress to give the signal to start eating each other.

Maple street. Knew it was a tree. Told you I had to have coffee.

The ignorant klanswoman at Shoney’s, Eunice Stone, actually wasn’t a waitress, she was a customer. The three doctors she fingered as “Terrorists” were in fact Doctors who made the mistake of being born with Dark Skin.
?They weren’t “Ay-rabs” and the only language all three of them spoke was English.But the Right Wing Buffoons are STILL claiming this dumb bitch actually foiled a Terror Attack. 7 YEARS after the incident. She claimed to have heard them joking in English about 9?11 and then to have heard them speaking Arabic. Since only one of them actually was cabable of speaking Arabic that part was an Obvious Lie. But the Racists still insist that this mis-use of Public money, resources and Deadly Government Powers was justified. The entire incident was proven to be based on her LIES 7 hours after the Klanswoman launched this attack on Dark Skinned Ones. But 7 YEARS later the Kultur Koward Klub (no offense to Boy George) insist that the doctors were Terrorists and their Racist Heroin (no “e” because she’s a DOPE) foiled an attack.
A prophet from hours after the “attack” had this to say:

Just a thought. The US is broke as hell with nothing but stock speculation holding its so-called economy together. Paranoia is running rampant and Bush is putting so much on the military budget. Didn’t the US use this tactic to bankrupt and dismantle Russia? If that’s the case, terrorists can bide their time and take pot shots at the US every couple of years or so, just to keep the paranoia up and the military spending high…?–posted by freakystyley at 7:51 AM on September 13, 2002

Amen. Of course the Eunice StoneD woman made up a lot of stupid shit to go along with her tall tale of a Trio of Taliban…

And the Professional Cringers and Cowards are still saying the Doctors were Terrorists and that Mrs Stone was a Heroin.

It’s something they can fantasize about while they’re wetting their pants and watching pictures of Dead Babies and the Torture videos.

“Oh My God! He’s got dark skin! Quick, Call 9-1-1!”

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