Fox ChickenHawks say repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will hurt soldiers morale

And just how the Hell would Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity or any of the others on their crew actually know what a Soldier actually thinks? I mean, seriously, how?

Of course they from time to time do some heavy duty crying (Beck does it with Mentholatum or BenGay under his eyes for an almost convincing effect) (He also pretends to be Totally Batshit Insane, and does a REALLY convincing job of that…) about being called naughty names like “Liars” and “Chickenhawks”.but, hey, Foxers, if it’s true it ain’t slander.

And apparently the people who identify themselves as soldiers both here and on Fox and Call-in Lunatic Fringe Radio keep saying that you have to have served in the military to Disagree with them, but not to Agree with them.

As with all double standard “morality” as commonly practiced on Fakes Snooze, (sound it out, kids, I know you can do it…) this leads to a great deal of merriment on the Left. And when they go to moralizing about Sex of the Homo variety, they sound like a bunch of Closet Queens trying desperately to pass for straight. Now with these new old accusations of whatever the Hell they’re accusing us of doing or being, we have a bonanza of laughs at their considerable expense.

Now, here’s a few things that have a proven pattern of being harmful to morale…

Having your lives disrespected, dismissed, and disregarded to the point that they’ll send you to a series of For Profit wars of conquest,
Being told that your enlistment could last as long as the “crisis” exists.

Then being told that the arbitrarily defined “crisis” can and will last far longer than they or their children or grandchildren could ever hope to live.
Being poisoned with Their Own Weapons, like Agent Orange, Nuclear Bomb Tests, Psychoactive Performance enhancing drugs (like the tests involving LSD, according to Dr Leary, a consciousness raising drug, but then, the Army wouldn’t want the soldiers to actually be smart..)
and the latest abomination, Depleted Uranium.

Then being told to lie and deny that they’ve been, or their comrades have been, exposed to such dangerous poisons or that the poisons are actually even dangerous.

Watching friends wither and die from said poisons.

See, contemptuous attitudes from their Commanders of that nature, those are REAL downers.

Showering with people who you know are gay, eh. Showering with people who you don’t know are gay, well, if you’re worried about the first, the second would scare you half to PTSD.

Showering, dining, sleeping, working, going on patrol with people who might or might not be Clever Sociopaths who slipped into the Army Navy Air Force Marines with the full intention of killing people and getting away with it, somehow that doesn’t cross the Fox Non-Military Experts as being a Real Morale problem.

I knew a guy like that in Basic Training, he actually made it through three rounds of Psych testing, name of Jorgensen. Said at the Bull Session, when the TI asked about why we joined the FArce (a great waste of life) “I want to kill people and get away with it”.

They made him an SP. Security Police/Security Specialist. His permanent duty station was going to be Minot ND. A missile base. Where they’re allowed to shoot intruders on sight.

He was caught with marijuana though. Funny, that. Wanting to kill human beings with or without orders, OK. Smoke Pot, No Kay.

Stuff like that could seriously ruin your day just thinking about it. Worrying about which 5 members of your platoon or which 20-30 members of your company are gay, eh.

Not even an issue.

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