From last Friday’s action, some pictures, some linked commentary

The linked commentary isn’t about the bus lack-of-service, it’s to fellow local activist Loren Wirbel made a short documentary film just showing a FEW of the multi-gazillionaire “defense” plants around town. You know the ones, our Magnificently Superior Business Experts at City Hall made the command decision for us to give them Tax Exemptions that would make Reagan blush, to draw them to a Strategic Location where they were going to come anyway. So they get local services on the local dime far disproportionately to what they actually paid for. It’s bad enough that We The People have to subsidize Corporate Welfare Cheats like Lockheed but they’re also Corporate Warfare Daddy Warbucks types who make their money from other people DYING.
Deathmongers getting a free ride from our Wise and Noble and Ever So Much Better that us City Hall. The rest of us paid our fare, but we don’t get the ride. That’s not fair.
By the way, that last line isn’t complaining, it’s telling the Ayn Rand worshipers that they’re complete Liars when they say stupid shit like they’re actually a Free Market where everybody has a chance. Lying… Cowardly… PUKES. A swarm of Parasitic Slugs in search of a bag of salt.

A LOT of canes and wheelchairs, and a few burnout refugees-from-the-70s Ahem..

Cyrus of course.

Just some of our friends. Notice the preponderance of canes and wheelchairs.
There’s a reason for this, it’s because the other people who depend on the buses were at their jobs waiting their turn to be injured then disposed of.
Timing of the event has to be when buses are running, it’s a Catch-22 of massive proportions.
The bus service abruptly cuts off at shift change.

If you’ll notice, the Bus Service people had their Q&A session scheduled for the middle of the afternoon as well. Intentionally? Orders from Above? Eh.
One of the people who uses the bus to go to and only occasionally FROM work, said “Hey, they didn’t even actually pay attention to the badly disabled, how are they going to handle the Working Poor?”

How indeed. Republicans and Ayn Rand “libertarians” tend to take the short view when it comes to Workers and our rights. If it isn’t happening to them personally, immediately, they just don’t see it happening. If they personally aren’t staring down the barrel of the gun, they’ll simply say “Gun? What gun? I don’t see any gun… nothing to see here, citizens, keep moving, nothing to see..”

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5 Responses to From last Friday’s action, some pictures, some linked commentary

  1. Oh, and we get a report from Cripple Creek, people up there are discussing it. There seems to have been some confusion though, the news reports seem to have slanted it against bailout money, as in “There’s all this Federal Bailout Money, why didn’t the Federal Government bail out the bus system in Colorado Springs?” Reminder here, Mayor Rivera refused to take the bailout money. I guess there wasn’t enough for him to steal or maybe it’s because it was earmarked to projects he couldn’t raid for cash.

    Said he was concerned over the Federal Budget, but not concerned enough to realize or, more likely, ADMIT that the Federal Budget Crunch is about the Military and Police State spending. Like the Multi-pronged attack on the budget by Lockheed Martin and other Warmongering DeathPigs who get billions apiece in outright GIFTS from the Pentagon, making products which deplete resources, KILL lots of people and don’t grow the economy in ANY way… and then get Tax Breaks at the Federal, State and LOCAL levels to entice them to do what they were going to do anyway.

    But of course, Mayor Rivera and the rest would have to grow a conscience just to even look in the direction of the people they help slaughter and say, “Oh, my, dead babies… that’s disturbing” and they’d have to find a way to un-sell their collective soul to even start doing something about it.

  2. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    Excellent Job Jonah!, This will be Shown to the City Council, this will be emailed to the mayor and citu council

  3. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I myself am wrestling with a solution, however keep in mind that there was a solution offered to help raise funds for parks which was a benefit concert from a local jazz musician. It required the Mayor’s approval which was never given.

    Other Blogsters are taking notice of this as well.

  4. Avatar Ed Billings says:

    I have been told that I should try to find solutions, as you will read, I have offered one.

    From: Ed Billings
    Subject: How much would you pay to throw a cream pie in my face, or…..
    Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 1:36 AM

    How much would you pay to throw a cream pie in my face, or to throw a ball in order to activate the lever that will submerge me into the dunk tank?

    What I am refering to is an idea that should help to raise the money to re illuminate some street lights in areas where there isn’t the income level to adopt street lights.

    This could also help to raise the money to help the park services, if this can be successful, it may help to restore some such services until such time some local tax revenue can be raised.

    The idea that I am presenting is a festival to be held at a community center or a park.

    Hold a festival where games are played for a fee, and the money raised to be used as I have described.

    Of course if Some city council members would offer to be dunked, it could attract people willing to pay a few dollars to take a turn at this.

    I want to know if the City would be willing to waive the fee for any venue such as the City Auditorium or another such place.

    I am offering a solution to at least help offset some of the pain of these budget cuts.

  5. Avatar Pilarerecto says:

    Jonah speaks stirring words in defense of better bus service here in the Springs!

    ‘Lying… Cowardly… PUKES. A swarm of Parasitic Slugs in search of a bag of salt.’

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