General Betray-Us on “press the meat”

What a surprise. Also in the “Surprise!” category are his Loyal Supporters who are largely comprised of ChickenHawk Hate-Speech TV and Radio commentators who can’t get a REAL news job involving REAL journalism, along with fellow Draft-Exempt, “unfit to serve by reason of Wealth” like Huckabee, Romney (and sons), Gingrich, J Danforth Quayle III, and Richard Cheney.
And of course 6th grade dropouts who couldn’t pass the Reading Comprehension part of the ASVAB Tests and thus didn’t have to worry about going to War.
“Daddy wanted to go to War and actually risk his own life fightin’ for the gas for the family SUK, but he couldn’t enlist cause on account of he was just too damn dumb to graduate 6th grade”

Which explains why they get OUTRAGED! on command when DumFox Noose tells them that Poor, misunderstood Picked Upon General Betray-Us is being unfairly called General Betray-Us by those Hippie Liberals.

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