Glenn Beck going blind, yes, it IS paybacks… from himself to himself

Now, I do know that Macular Degeneration isn’t caused by lifestyle choices. Where HIS guilt in his own blindness is that the Corporations who FUND and ORGANIZE the TeaTards and also pay him more money a month than Real Construction Workers make in a LIFETIME of REAL work, to pose as a Working Class Citizen, have with the help of the Republican, Libertarian, and now Racist-ass Tea Parties, consistently blocked research into Macular Degeneration.
Consistently. The same way Ronald and Nancy Reagan blocked socially and politically any effective research into Alzheimers until Ronald was diagnosed. Their Accomplices at FOX “news” manipulation have funded the TeaTards at first “secretly”, an open secret but they denied it, until the Supremes, most notably Clarence “Uncle” Thomas, whose wife is a Corporate Lawyer Whore, decided that Corporations are better than and have more rights than us mere mortal peasants, and now the TeaTards have a little dilemma on their bloodstained hands… They’ve been outed by their Owners as being Corporate Whores.
Now, I don’t really want Glenn Beck to Go Blind. For one thing he’s going to suck up Medical Resources trying to buy his way out of it, even if the Macular Degeneration research were fully funded today it won’t save his eyes.
The punk-ass Bitch made a career out of Spiritual Blindness and while he probably DOES deserve blindness.. we the people really don’t deserve to have to listen to him make himself into a Pity-pot Martyr for years to come.

Much like Rush Limbaugh, when he had chest pains in Honolulu, and was kept for observation overnight. Longer actually. Then said he got no special treatment, ANYBODY with chest pains gets that treatment…

He neglected to mention “IN HAWAII”. Which has Socialized Medicine and has for 30 years. People in the full-on Corporate States like Texas and Colorado don’t get that kind of treatment, unless they’re Rich.

The TeaTards also don’t mention that all medical research is publicly funded, even through “private” donations. The Richest “generously” give to the foundations, BUT, they get the money back in Tax Breaks.
My, what Love and Charity! And of course, like our friend Bernie Herpin tried really hard to avoid saying, they have somebody blow a trumpet before them when they do their alms… on the public dime, and probably write off the expense of the trumpet player as a Business Expense. Such VICTIMS they are! Pay other peoples money to make themselves look good then pay MORE Tax-deductible Other Peoples money to make themselves out to be Christ-on-the-Cross if somebody happens to mention it.

Glenn Beck is expected to milk his “misfortune” to the tune of an eight digit pay raise on his Corporate Lie Show.

Meanwhile, a POOR person, a Real Worker, who starts going blind from M.D., or perhaps from workplace hazards, or from Environmental pollution, if he doesn’t have the Really Expensive Insurance he can’t afford on a REAL Workmans’ salary.. ALL of which Glenn Beck “blindly” opposes any remediation thereof… won’t even be diagnosed until far too late.

If the massive funding FOX is going to Hypocritically “give” at Corporate Welfare Tax-Break public expense, to the Macular Degeneration research, and actually DO find a cure or at least a Treatment, the Working Person I used as an example still won’t benefit.

Because Health Care is a Privilege of the parasite class.

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Brother Jonah

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Recovering Texan. Christian while and at the same time Anarchist. (like Tolstoy only without the beard, for now) Constantly on the lookout for things which have relevance to things I already know. Autistic. Proud to be Ex- air force. Out of the killing machine for 27 years 4 months and 5 days woohoo!
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3 Responses to Glenn Beck going blind, yes, it IS paybacks… from himself to himself

  1. Avatar pcm says:

    “There is none so blind as those who will not see….”
    He has been blind for years, unfortunately for him now, he will not see involuntarily.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    I still think this story is cover for donning glasses to appear to be intellectual. Like Michael Jackson pretended he wore a breathing filter but actually it was there to tether his nose.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Well, if it actually increases research priorities on the condition, that’s a win. A bigger win would be if the Universal Health coverage were universal, and immediate. There’s Rudi Giuliani with his statement that Britain had a lower survival rate for cancer because of one type of cancer, Prostate.

    What wasn’t mentioned is they have a higher overall survival rate for all cancers combined. And that America ranks somewhere between 27th and 30th in the rates of cancer survival.

    An American cancer victim who dies undiagnosed, eh. He dies uncounted. A statistical Null Cypher. Britain has National Health although, their Corporate types, in conjunction with American Corporate Whoremasters, crashed the economy of every country and are now blaming it on Socialism. So they might cut National Health. It’s not National Health that sucks the life out of the economy, it’s the very notion of Empire.

    But WITH that N.H., they have a far larger instance of actually diagnosing people with Prostate Cancer. That skews their Official mortality rate higher, because America doesn’t diagnose people post mortem. Not on poor people at least. The Coroner will sign off the most convenient and least expensive to diagnose “cause of death”. Like Jailhouse Homicides being written off as Suicides.

    The 120 Americans who die daily due to Denial of Health Care are those who had insurance which denied them access. Those without any health insurance, again, we die uncounted. Since so many more of us have no insurance, thus no record of being denied health care.

    When the bill comes due for the War, and taxes have to be raised to pay it, Glenn and Co are going to blame it all on Liberals, and say that George Bush never raised taxes. Actually he did, just covertly, by putting it off for a decade. Putting it off with annual accrued interest. That makes it, at 4% a year, one and a half times the original amount spent.

    OK 1.4 times. One number off. They’re like ten trillion numbers off, but I’m sure some Right Wing fake bean-counter would try to call me on MY math. But it’s health care that hasn’t even been implemented yet that supposedly crashed the Economy, twice, on George Bush’s watch.

    Health care that’s at the high numbers touted by the Right Wing, one-tenth what’s been spent on the war, over Ten Years.

    Pro-rating it would work out to a hundred times the expenditure.

    But it’s the non-existent Socialist spending spree that broke the economy.

    I suppose there’s a way we could blame it on ourselves. We didn’t storm Wall Street and lynch everybody wearing a Suit and Tie. Have a couple of squads of Belt-fed water cooled machine guns at one end of the Floor of the NYSE and lock all the doors so they couldn’t get out and just open fire.

    Keep firing till the barrels melted and then change barrels and start all over.

    Of course that would be very naughty of us.

    While Glenn was delivering his Peace and Happiness speech last week, there were actions underway like the burning of a Muslim Community center in Murfreesboro Tennessee. The FBI still haven’t determined if it was a hate crime for somebody to douse a truck with diesel fuel, light it on fire and push it into the construction zone.

    The Letters F.B.I stand for F. Bumbling Idiots if they couldn’t figure that one out.

    Back to the deal about Coroners, the El Paso County (Texas not here) Coroner, upon the body of Bobby Fuller being found in his car covered in gasoline, determined the death to be “natural causes”. I bet some of them work for the F.B.I. now.

    After wiring up so many assaults on Mosques, Churches and even the Holocaust Museum, and schools of a non-ethnic or non-religious not-controversial nature too… they would have the purest balls to say that my machine gun remarks equal Hate Speech.

    They would have to steal the balls first…

    So maybe gunning them down in the streets wouldn’t be an appropriate response.
    Bringing their continued Murder Spree, which they accomplish either by Direct Action like Church Mosque Synagogue School shootings, or by “benign” Neglect, like with the Health Care, before their eyes and showing them, constantly, that they are committing the foulest of evil… that might help.

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