Got Toyota Stock?

There’s a touch of strange to the news reporting about Toyota and their troubles.
Now, one would think that a company that doesn’t actually do business with the Bad Ol’ Wicked Naughty Labor Unions would be a darling of the Far Right Lunatics who run most of the corporate Press in our nation. But, recalling a defective product, repairing the damage that could potentially have happened if they hadn’t done the recall, all voluntarily, and at a big hit to their Stock Prices…<<–Very Important phrase…
Yet the Corporate Mouthpieces uset the term "Tarnished Reputation"

Hmmm… Forced buyout looming? Maybe a little ol' Industrial Blackmail? Tell them to tone down the Green Advantage they have with their cars?

I mean, GM, Ford, Chrysler, they sell a FEW efficient cars but most of them are marketed on the notion that only a Wimp would drive a fuel efficient, low emissions car. The "Buy a Hummer, automatically get respect and stop feeling like such an emasculated weakling" campaign, the "That Thing Got a Hemi? Sweeeett…" Homoerotic Porn commercials where the Gas-Guzzler driver gets admiration, love, envy etc etc etc… not from Women… but from other men. In a few of the commercials, young boys. Hmmmm….

Of course, there's no possible way that putting your entire production and marketing eggs on the notion of selling Massive Debt and truly crap cars to your customers. It must be the fault of the Union Workers getting a fair deal for their labor.

Management decisions couldn't possibly be at fault, after all, they're Rich and therefore, smarter than the workers and everybody else.

Heaven forfend that Ford or GM or Chrysler would have recalled cars. Ford was still selling Pinto death-crap cars after that little old "exploding gas tank" was brought to light. Didn't recall any of them and kept selling them for years. Even hired engineers, not to fix the problem, but to gloss over the problem in the press.

Or how about that Unsafe at any speed Corvairs?

Recalls? We don' need no steenkeeng Recalls! We just need Corporate Lawyers and a Tame Corporate Press to hush things up.

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